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Yoga Retreat of a lifetime this November in San Teresa, Costa Rica

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
Sunflower Retreats' Yoga Holidays in Costa Rica

Sunflower Retreats are heading to Costa Rica in November 2015

Introducing Sunflower Retreats’ Yoga Holidays in Costa Rica


This yoga holiday will be a trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable and joyful experience.

As well as the opportunity to practise yoga with an experienced teacher and enjoy holistic therapies, there’ll be a fantastic programme of activities to help you experience the best of Costa Rica and build great bonds with other yogini.

The eco jungle lodge is a truly spiritual haven with en suite bedrooms, in an extraordinary slice of the lush Costa Rican dry tropical rain forest, in the oldest nature reserve in Costa Rica & close to the pacific coast of famous San Teresa.

Find out more…

What to pack on a yoga retreat.

Friday, July 31st, 2015

So, you’ve finally managed to – or about to – book yourself onto a yoga retreat & apart from feeling super excited & telling everyone – with a huge smile on your face! – you may also be wondering if there’s anything particular you need to take with you.

What to pack on a yoga retreat.

What to pack on a yoga retreat.

Nicole Stone from Yoga Breaks is offering to help you out a little here.

She writes:

As a yoga retreat operator ourselves (Yoga Breaks in Spain), we’ve run a fair number of retreats ‘in our time’ and we think we’ve got it pretty much nailed as to what you might want to take with you to get the most out of your retreat stay and to arrive at your destination happy, care-free and ready for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yoga mat & accessories

Most yoga retreats provide yoga mats – do ask before you go – and most won’t mind if you want to bring your own mat.   Something you might want to consider though is that some retreat mats can become a little worn over time and may even be a little grubby so you might want to consider taking a yogamat towel to use over your retreat mat for hygiene purposes.

Whilst not essential, if you are retreating somewhere super hot or, if you’re likely to perspire, you might like to consider buying some yoga paws for your feet & hands as their extra grip could be the difference between you being able to hold your down dog or slipping into a belly flop!

You should find your retreat provides yoga blocks, blankets, belts & possibly bolsters too so you won’t need to take up valuable space in your suitcase with these but you might like to treat yourself to your own soothing eye pillow.

Comfortable clothes and shoes

A retreat shouldn’t be a fashion show & so you don’t want to pack oodles of evening wear or smart daytime wear.  You want to be super comfortable on & off the yoga mat so give priority to comfortable sports type clothing.

Consider how long you’re going to be away as its unlikely you’ll have access to a washing machine during retreat.   We find 3 pairs of yoga trousers and at least 4 yoga tops that you can mix & match is just about enough for a 5 night retreat.  Don’t forget a long sleeve hoodie & some cosy socks too for savasana and when you’re relaxing in your room/at retreat.

Your retreat may offer activities too such as biking, hiking and trekking (we do!), so bring appropriate clothing & shoes for those.    Big tip coming up! pack a rucksack as these are great for the beach, hiking, cycling & whilst out exploring.

Oh & another little tip .. you might be staying somewhere with (cold) tiled floors & so consider packing cosy slippers or non slip socks to pad around in at the retreat house :)


You may be retreating somewhere off the beaten track so a hand torch could prove to be really useful if you venture out in the evening to a local restaurant or to a remote spot for a spot of star & moon gazing.

Drinking Bottle

Aim to be eco concious whilst on retreat & take your own re-fillable water bottle and avoid using/buying water in plastic bottles whilst you’re away.   Most retreats offer guests free drinking water so take your own bottle & fill up from their supply.

Go a little step further for your health & consider taking/buying a bottle that is BPA/BPS and phlthate free. 

Swimsuit, hat & sunglasses

Most yoga retreats are situated in beautiful locations which will allow you to go for a swim with your fellow yogis do don’t forget to pack your swimmers. Depending on the location and time of your retreat, it might also be a good idea to also pack a sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses.


Your yoga retreat schedule will be mostly organized for you but there will always be time to relax too.  For those times, it is always good to have a book to curl up with.

Personal medicines

Don’t forget to take any medicines you take / may need as your retreat organizers may not be able to dispense any medicinal items to you – including tablets for headaches or plasters – and you may be staying some distance fro a pharmacy.

If you’re new to yoga you might want to pack an organic muscle rub cream to help with aching muscles and a scrub for your feet to smooth your feet & help them look gorgeous on your mat & in flip flops.


Whilst these next items are not essential, as you’ll have a little more ‘me’ time on retreat, it’s rather nice to create a little sanctuary in your retreat bedroom so why not pack some scented candles for an instant mood lifter, some herbal tea bags to ensure you keep hydrated, some gorgeous smelling incense, an organic body scrub, body cream & a hydrating hair mask too.


Hope this list has been useful but we’d love to hear what else you’d recommend retreaters take & we’ll add to this list.

Happy Retreating!


(Yoga Breaks in Spain)

Exhaused! and looking for a miracle…….

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

When your feeling exhausted and first realise that you need to do something to help to revive yourself, its time to seriously consider a detox as a method to bring yourself back to life, to kick start your body into working efficiently again.

You can easily do a very efficient and very effective detox at home and create for yourself a virtual retreat with the Home Detox Box. This kit is designed to guide you through a series of days with a step by step booklet, so that in just 7 short days you can re set your entire physical body to operate at its optimal level, giving you the energy you have sorely missed and feel radiant once more. When every internal organ and system has had an overhaul and set to run more efficiently with a simple clean up, and download time, you will be seriously running on turbo fuel, able to absorb and utilize your nutrition efficiently, which will leave you feeling like a super charged super hero.

When you have re set the digestive system as outlined in this program you will naturally feel more alive, lighter and brighter and on average lose up to 5kg ( 10lbs ) in 7 days, the weeks following will also see some extra weight loss and balancing out too.

This is a detox you can set up for yourself or with a few friends to support each other. This Virtual retreat is for a 3 day fast ( a period with no solid food ) and 4 days re introducing food again at the speed and level that best suits your body, to produce the all the necessary enzymes, chemical reactions and probiotics to break down your food for maximum absorption, and to give you the best energy in return.

When I did my first detox back in 2002 I was sceptical about detoxing and how it could possibly make me feel better, but after the few days I was hooked as I began to feel lighter, more positive, and really energised again. I have continued to re set my digestive system regularly and have experienced each time the results I desired. I can maintain my weight and have learnt how to care for myself as a result. I really respect the inner workings of my body and know categorically, that a healthy digestive system is the key to feeling better and having more energy than other women my age.


This 3 day fast followed by the slow re introduction of raw and pure food will enhance your energy and many ailments will clear up. You will see and benefit from clearer skin, more flexibility, reduced inflammation and better moods as well as weight loss. To Re-set the digestive system is to re set the hormonal balance in your body. You will manufacture the best levels of hormones once again, once you have done a detox and so your fertility will improve and you will get major relief from any menopausal symptoms

At 50 I can honestly say that I would not be the same person I am today, without the opportunity of allowing myself to retreat for a few days and boost my metabolism and re set my hormone and digestive system.

Fiona also runs regular retreats in France


Retreat and Detox At Home.

Retreat and Detox At Home.Your virtual retreat can start now as you prepare for your detox with the ”How to start your detox at home “ FREE E book and prepare for the arrival of your Home Detox Box. 

The Home Detox Box sells online for 87.00 Euros or £75.00 Pounds.

Contact Fiona  0033 559545635


Raw Horizons Retreats – Two New Venues In The South

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Our congratulations go to Raw Horizons as they announce that their luxury women-only retreats are now open in the beautiful South of England. Carefully searching for perfect venues to host their transformation retreats and have found luxury itself at…

Chaffeymoor Grange is a beautiful 17th century stone manor house set in five acres of glorious Dorset countryside with stunning views. Original features including stone mullioned windows, huge fireplaces and exposed beams, are complemented by contemporary furnishings, clean lines and stylish décor.
With beautifully decorated bedrooms (and ensuite bathrooms), it is an exclusive haven to feel safe, nurtured and pampered. Nine retreat dates confirmed and more later in the year. With beautifully decorated bedrooms (and ensuite bathrooms), it is an exclusive haven to feel safe, nurtured and pampered.

Chaffeymoor Grange is less than 2 hours by direct train from London (either Paddington or Waterloo).
Raw Horizon retreats are aimed to help you transform your life, your health and your emotional wellbeing, using a holistic approach including powerful life coaching techniques, yoga, meditation and the vitality of healthy, delicious food. All whilst being fully supported within a small, intimate group of no more than 10 like-minded women.

Raw Horizons Women Only Retreats Chaffeymoor Grange

Raw Horizons Women Only Retreats Chaffeymoor Grange




Raw Horizons At Brooklands Barn

Raw Horizons At Brooklands Barn



Brooklands Barn is a beautifully restored 19th century barn with exposed beams and breathtaking views of the Sussex Downs. This luxury accommodation offers everything from a private heated swimming pool and sauna to wood burning fireplaces. With its stylishly decorated ensuite bedrooms and panoramic views overlooking the Arun Valley, Brooklands is the perfect sanctuary for transforming your mind, body and soul.
Brooklands is conveniently only 1 hour 30 minutes by direct train from London (Victoria). 
Plus….they can now  introduce Claudia Jones, a friend and colleague, who will be running our programmes in the South of England. With a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a background as a complementary therapist and yoga instructor, Claudia has recently returned from 8 years in Asia, where she implemented successful detox, weight loss, stress management, wellbeing coaching programmes and retreats.
Price included a luxurious bedroom, all meals and course activities, plus any of the venue facilities to enjoy.  Rooms can booked as either single occupancy or as twin share (and we can arrange for you to share with another guest).

As a special House Warming Offer, if you register your interest in our new locations in the south, we’re offering 10% off your first booking if you
book before 1 st April 2015.
Contact Raw Horizons    01845 597 041


Transformational 10 day Luxury Holiday in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


Join AdventureYogi for a transformational 10 day luxury yoga holiday in Sri Lanka. Senior yoga teacher Wenche Beard will take you on a journey of self discovery, whilst relaxing and enjoying your surroundings at the same time. Staying in luxurious accommodation, with infinity pool, delicious Sri Lankan foods, great company, ayurvedic massage…

Prices usually from £895pp – £1050pp for 10 days but we have last minute discount of £150 OFF!  

(Prices now: £745pp – £905pp)   

Immerse yourself in your yoga practice with senior yoga teacher Wenche (Venca) Beard. Having been teaching since 2000 and trained with British Wheel of Yoga, she has also trained in Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), Sound Healer, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT), Meditation and Inner Journey Work Facilitator, Thai foot Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.

She combines all of these into her teaching, taking you on a journey into your inner self, creating a safe space in order for you to explore, discover, release, let go, refresh and soften. A magical yoga teacher who will inspire you to develop your practice and to connect within.

Staying at the beautiful Nisala Arana which means peaceful place in Sri Lankan, it was once the Ayurvedic Doctors house and is 22 acres of rare species of plants and therefore birds as they come to feed here. Yoga in the shala surrounded by beautiful birds as the sun goes down. Morning yoga to unwind and energise and then relax by the infinity pool, cycle down to the beach passing the locals on the way waving with big friendly smiles, and off for a surf or a swim or a dive.

Evening yoga to restore in time for a delicious 3 course Sri Lankan dinner cooked lovingly by our fabulous Sri Lankan staff, only they know how to cook! the food is mind blowing.

10 days of time for you, in the sunshine,with an inspiring and amazing teacher, in gorgeous accommodation…what more could you ask for!

Blog wtitten by  Michelle King

AdventureYogi’s Company Director & Founder

T: 01273 782 734   M: 07929 168237

Fertility – Mind Body Juice Detox – Pre Conception Optimisation

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

As with everything in nature there is an element of right timing and balance required for new life to be created.  However, tell this to a couple desperate to bring a child into the world!

According to the HFEA, it is estimated that one in seven UK couples have difficulty conceiving –approximately 3.5 million people.

Fertility problems usually occur when our physical, physiological or psychological systems are out of balance; with each individual factor affecting the other.  Imbalances can be caused by a number of internal and external factors including lifestyle and even subconscious blocks that we may be completely unaware of.

Our modern industrialised world exposes us to a host of chemicals that disrupt the natural processes of the body.  We are commonly exposed to pesticides in foods and in the air that we breathe.  Pesticides are produced with the sole purpose of destroying life.  It’s no wonder they are closely linked to fertility problems.

Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium and lead are known to cause cellular disruption and raise acidity levels in the body, compromising nutrition and impacting fertility.  There are household chemicals from solvent-based paints, preservatives in carpets and cleaning products.  (more…)

Save £150! AlpineYogi: Hiking yoga holiday French Alps

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Combine yoga and hiking/mountain activities in the stunning French Alps this Summer, staying in luxurious chalet with wonderful views

23 – 30 August 2014, in  Rhône-Alpes, France



Hiking yoga holiday French Alps

New dates in Portugal – Platinum Healing Juice Detox and Healing Yoga Retreats

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Platinum Healing Juice Detox, Organic Meals and Healing Yoga Retreats

Boasting over 30 years’ combined experience of running juice fasting, detoxification programs and wellness holidays.

Bringing together many specialists in the field of yoga, meditation, healing and detoxification to incorporate a complete physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual retreat experience.

Offering a full extensive range of expertise, knowledge and over fifty holistic and complimentary treatments and therapies at this stunning eco nature retreat near Lagos, Portugal (closest airport Faro).

More details: Retreats in Portugal

Last minute discounts – Juice Fasting Detox Retreat

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

  Much more than a physical detox… it is a life changing experience

Detox Holidays in Spain


Mar 22 – Mar 29, Andalucia, Spain

Detox is a terrific catalyst for change, helping you move forward in a meaningful and lasting way. Since our first retreat in 2004 we have helped hundreds of people overcome their struggles with an ever widening range of issues, from physical illness to mental and emotional problems to spiritual awakening. Juice fasting has an incredible healing power that can turn around physical issues and can give you a renewed feeling of vitality at a level you may not have experienced before. If you are looking for change in your life, come and experience one of our truly life changing retreats.

Find out more about this Detox Retreat in Spain…

Whats your best Retreat Read?

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

We want to create a top ten book list to post on our retreat pages.

Can you nomate any  book in the following caterogies?

What is your best retreat read?


2)Self Development

3)Self Help

4)A wind down read. A book to just be with and enjoy

5)Thought provoking

6)Green and Eco

7)New for you. A topic, type, author, catergory of book you haven’t read before.

And the winner is……Thats up to you.

The Retreat Company