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Yoga Holidays and Retreats at Huzur Vadisi in Muğla, Turkey
Yoga Holidays and Retreats at Huzur Vadisi in Muğla, Turkey

Huzur Vadisi (Est. 1993) is Turkey’s longest established, best-known yoga holidays and the first centre of its kind in Turkey

The Mindful Cook Food & Wellbeing Retreat

Spend two days away in a beautiful place discovering how you can eat cake, be healthy and re-set your relationship with food

Michelle Chapman Stress-free Success 1-2-1 Transformative Retreats

Life altering 1-2-1 retreats to nurture authentic success without stress, worry or anxiety. Time to stop slogging and start thriving

7 Days Yoga, Healthy Food & Nature Retreat Tenerife – Canary Islands, Spain

Yoga – healthy food - hiking – nature rural tourism – conscious eating & healthy cooking classes

Anxiety and Depression Retreats

CBT psychotherapy combined with Mindfulness Meditation training and Yoga for a complete mental healing retreat

The Cliffs of Moher Retreat

Love to practice yoga by the ocean? Want to connect with the wild nature? Ireland's top yoga destination, the Cliffs of Moher Retreat offers a stunning location by the ocean

Exclusive Sports and Health Retreats in Courchevel, France

Quintessence offers unique, high-end sports and health retreats: a re-energising stay, dedicated to your endurance, nutrition and well-being

The Barn Retreats

give yourself space

Mellulah Yoga Retreats, meditation, sound healing, mindfulness, therapies

We offer you a space to bring peace, healing and stillness to the spirit. Chill, unwind and simply be.

A Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit and Menopause

Make the second half of your life, the best half. Explore mid-life’s questions. Indulge in healthy living. Enhance your menopause know-how. Create a life that inspires you

The Detox Barn

A gentle detox to get you started on a new healthy lifestyle, lose those extra pounds and gain more energy. Yoga, Mediation, country walks, juices, smoothies and organic vegan food

UK’s leading Brain & Body Health, Wellbeing & Yoga Retreat

Health Retreats created to treat & heal psychological, emotional & physical issues

Life Right ‘Life-Changing’ Health Retreats. Think, Feel & Move Better

Leading bespoke all-inclusive health Retreats designed around you. #life-changing

Highland Trinity Spiritual Retreat

4Night 3Day all inclusive Self-development Spiritual Retreat

Little Peace of Heaven

Retreats to heal body, mind & soul

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