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8 Day All Inclusive Healing, Detox & Wellness Retreat

Find, love and cherish your inner self! Enjoy healthy lifestyle, relax, detox and heal your body and soul near beautiful Croatian blue sea and green landscape!

8 Day All Inclusive Tai Chi and Yoga Retreat in Croatia

Mindfulness, Relaxation, Happiness. Enjoy healthy lifestyle, relax, detox and heal your body and soul near beautiful Croatian blue sea and green landscape!

Luxury Wellness, Nutrition, Healing, Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Croatia
Luxury Wellness Retreat in Croatia: Nutrition, Healing, Yoga, Meditation

The perfect healthy holidays to heal and rejuvenate your body and soul enjoying the beautiful nature in Mediterranean Croatia

Inner Child Healing Retreat with Juice Detox, Yoga and Therapies

The Inner Child Healing Retreat is designed to heal the child that dwells within as well as the physical body.

Juice Detox Retreat with Yoga and Meditation in Lincolnshire

Platinum Healing offers juice detox, yoga, meditation, weight loss, fertility, menopause, men's health and self-healing retreats in Lincolnshire.

Men’s Health Retreat with Treatments, Juice Detox, Yoga and Meditation

Men’s Health Retreat with Juice Detox, Nutritional Therapy for Men’s Health, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Fitness.

Menopause Retreat with Juice Detox, Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Therapies

Menopause Retreat offering a holistic way of embracing the changes that happen during this big change in a woman’s life.

Self Healing Retreat with Juice Detox, Healing, Yoga and Meditation

Self Healing Retreat designed to give your body a helping hand to heal itself naturally using our renowned Juice Detox.

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Delve deep into the healing of the body and the mind and develop a higher connection and awareness.

The Beach House Goa
The Beach House Goa

A 5 star wellness retreat situated on the beautiful Sernabatim Beach, offering all inclusive Wellness, Detox and Weight Management programmes.

Yoga Therapy Retreats. Personalised yoga, coaching, healthy food and massage

All inlcusive restorative retreats in beautiful nature for individuals and couples. 7-21 nights, Mallorca, next to Parque Natural Mondrago

Plantation Villa – Award winning Yoga Ayurveda Wellness Centre

A complete mind body detox using Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation in a Sri Lankan Village community

AdventureYogi – Beach Yoga Holiday in Sri Lanka

Stunning beaches, winter sun, yoga, meditation and delicious healthy food.

AdventureYogi – Hiking and Yoga Holiday in the French Alps

Join Adventureyogi for adventure, bike riding, hiking, fresh vegetarian food and yoga in the beautiful La Thuile in Sainte Foy Tarentaise

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