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UK’s leading all-inclusive Health & Wellness Retreat

with guaranteed results for a wide range of psychological & physical issues inc. depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, relationship problems, weight

The Barn Retreats

give yourself space

Women Only Exclusive Private Lakeside Retreat: Rediscover Your Happiness

If you are looking for an escape just long enough to rediscover what makes YOU happy with an Award Winning Life Coach, Holistic Therapists & Chefs then this is the Retreat for you

Health and Wellness, Beginners Tai Chi and Qi Gong Retreat

Our beginner Tai Chi & Qi Gong holidays are a combination of all the best Greece has to offer. Our retreat is set 20m infront of a crystal clear swimming beach in 5000sqm of nature

Life-changing health Retreat created & run by trauma psychologist Lilly Wickham

ALL-INCLUSIVE Health Retreat with life-changing results specialising in trauma & long-term psychological & physical health issues

Anxiety and Depression Retreats

CBT psychotherapy combined with Mindfulness Meditation training and Yoga for a complete mental healing retreat

Transformational Spiritual Retreats for Living and Vibrant Harmony

Safely release long-held trauma & pain with Viviane Garbe for deep, life-changing shifts, or just be, in a safe, intimate & nurturing environment: the Living Harmony Retreat Centre

Women only wellbeing retreat towards a more rewarding life

Enhance well being and self esteem while relaxing in the unspoilt beauty of Slovenia

Anxiety and Depression Recovery Retreat

A Transformational retreat providing an all round package of mind, body and soul work

Spiritual Wellness Journey in Bhutan

Meditation & Wellness in Bhutan

A Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit and Menopause

Make the second half of your life, the best half. Explore mid-life’s questions. Indulge in healthy living. Enhance your menopause know-how. Create a life that inspires you

Self Healing Retreat with Juice Detox, Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Self Healing Retreat designed to give your body a helping hand to heal itself naturally using our renowned Juice Detox.

Tochni retreat - Yoga & Wellness
Yoga Holidays in Tochni-Cyprus

Cyprus Villages Yoga Holidays – 7 Days - Small groups of maximum 10 participants

Sunflower Retreats Holidays
Sunflower Retreats Holidays

Sunflower Retreats in the medieval village of Casperia in Sabina, Italy 1hr from Rome

Sunflower Retreats' Yoga Holidays in Costa Rica
Sunflower Retreats’ Yoga Holidays in Costa Rica

Yoga Retreat of a lifetime in San Teresa, Costa Rica

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