Detox and Health

The Real Life Diet

The Real Life Diet

Author: Mayron Stewart

Publisher: Piatkus

ISBN: 0749927097

EAN: 9780749927097

Get the balance right and never have to diet again

Is your diet good for you? Are you in good nutritional shape? Are you overweight? Why, when you've finished dieting, do you just put the weight back on? And why do so many of us suffer from fatigue, IBS, headaches, PMS, food cravings, prostate and other diseases? Quite simply, Maryon Stewart explains that in order to be slim and in good shape physically, every aspect of your life needs to be in balance. She shows you how to discover if you are eating the wrong foods for your particular body and stage of life. And she also helps you deal with your lifestyle and emotions too. Once you are happy with yourself and your body, your weight should stabilise and you'll shed your health problems along with the pounds. Here is a holistic approach to weight loss. Complete Maryon Stewart's simple questionnaires and start on your own Real Life Diet today. Losing weight is all about getting the balance right in life. Whether you want to lose weight or banish health problems for ever, Maryon Stewart's Real Life Diet will help you to reach your goal.

Maryon Stewart studied preventative dentistry and nutrition at the Royal Dentistry Hospital in London. She established the Women's Nutrition Advisory Service in 1984, and she has liberated tens of thousands of women suffering with the symptoms of PMS, menopause and IBS through the health campaigns she has orchestrated. She was recently voted one of the most influential women in the UK by Good Housekeeping for her work in this area. She has written for many national newspapers including the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Express, and has been advisor on several magazines including Good Health and Top Sante. She has also appeared on many TV programmes and worked extensively on radio. She is the author of several bestselling books, including The Phyto Factor, Cruising through the Menopause, No More PMS, Beat Sugar Craving and Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby. She lives in Lewes in Sussex.

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