2019 Promotional Packages

Below you can compare the packages available, for full details, see our 2019 Packages. In addition to the packages below you can have various add-ons, such as featured retreats, additional listings, banner ads.

Annual Packages:
Basic Package £120
Basic Plus – Basic Package, with 10 event credits £240
Premier Package £240
Premier Plus – Premier Package with additional 10 credits £320
Platinum Package £485
Additional listings, for retreats with more than one location, or with different retreat types on offer are £30 each (these can’t be bought online, contact us to add these to your account)

1 Event Credit £35
10 Event Credits £120
25 Event Credits £210
50 Event Credits £375

You can buy Packages online; alternatively please get in touch to discuss the best option for you with one of our promotional team