6 Ways to Enjoy Mindfulness This Summer

Mindfulness with Aisha Ahmada

Guest Author: Aisha Ahmada

Summer’s finally arrived and you may have lots of plans.

But don’t forget it’s the simple mindful moments that add up to leave you feeling revitalised.


Here are some of my top tips to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life these holidays and beyond:

Visiting The Beach?
As you walk along the sand, notice its texture and temperature under your feet and around your toes.
Pick up a shell or a pebble and turn it over in your hands: What colour is it? What size and weight is it? Smooth or rough? Does it feel cool or warm to the touch? Are there any ridges, and if so, are they deep?
Collect a small, pretty rock and use it as a ‘gratitude rock’ (this is simply a small rock you can keep in your pocket or by your bedside to remind you to take the time to list the things you’re grateful for).
Going To A Theme Park?
These are noisy and busy places, and if you enjoy the rides, they can get your adrenaline pumping!
However, here’s a great grounding technique: use some of the time queuing up to consciously pause, take some deep breaths, and notice 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.
Grocery Shopping?
In the fruit and vegetable aisles, count how many different colours of vegetables there are.
Buy a range of different coloured fruit and make a rainbow fruit salad when you get home.
Remember to enjoy eating your fruit salad mindfully, savouring the different smells, flavours and textures, particularly the crunchiness of, say, pieces of apples with the smoothness of a banana.
Whilst you’re waiting in the queue to pay for your items, start by taking 3 deep breaths. Then inhale to the count of 3 as you breathe in, and 5 as you breathe out. Repeat this for as long as you like.
Making A Brew?
While the kettle’s boiling, use the time stand still, pause and focus your attention on the steam rising from the boiling water.
As you make the tea, paying close attention to every step in making the perfect cuppa (for some people it can help if they say under your breath what they’re doing as they go through each step):
Watch the boiled water as you pour it into the cup; observe as the colour of the water changes and darkens; smell the aroma of the tea as the steam rises to your nostrils; pay attention to the ripples made as you stir the tea.
Finally, simply notice the heat and sweetness (or not) of the tea in your mouth.
Concocting A Cold Drink?
Before you make a cooling drink this summer, hold an ice cube in the palm of your hand.
How does it feel? Notice if it’s wet or dry. Does it start to feel colder and colder?
Pop the ice cube into your mouth and roll it around. How does it feel on your tongue? How does it feel against the roof of your mouth? Does it stick to it?
How would you describe the sound of the ice-cube as it rolls between your teeth and tongue?
Lastly, notice the goose bumps that have been forming on your skin!
Watching TV Or Having A Netflix Binge?
Turn off the volume and notice the body language of the presenters/actors:
Notice their eyes;
their facial expressions;
their mannerisms;
their hand gestures.

Guest Author: Aisha Ahmada https://www.aishaahmadcoaching.com



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