We know from taking retreat bookings that having an en-suite bathroom is much more popular than an en-suite shower room. So why should a bath be a luxury we only have on holidays?

A while ago there was a survey for National Plughole Week about the bathing habits of the average adult. The study was done on over 3000 households and it turns out that 10 years ago we were taking nine baths each month, these days it’s just five.

Why is it that very few people chose to take a bath instead of a shower?

Could it be because we are told that a shower uses more water than a bath? Maybe, but the average power shower uses the same amount of water as a bath.

Time is another factor to consider; a 5 minute shower in the morning means an extra 15 minutes in bed, but what about when you come home in the evening?

To think the art of Bath time is dying out is a travesty. This quality precious time alone allows you to reconnect to who you really are.

It is a time to reflect, allow ideas and inspirations to surface. Problems that have been rolling around for a while commonly seem near to being resolved in the bath.

To lie immersed in water, blissfully uninterested in the world the other side of the door even if it is only 20 minutes is a practice we should all make an enjoyable weekly habit.

So, if your feeling frazzled, stop what your doing, light a candle lock the bathroom door and soak, soak, soak for 20 minutes or more.

Maybe we should start “bring back bath time” campaign…

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