Advertising FAQ

Will The Retreat Company create my content for me?
We encourage retreat owners to write their own copy for our website, as you know your retreat better than anyone else and this needs to come across in your content. We can offer a copywriting service, but would not want to miss a vital bit of information about your retreat.

Will my page go live straight away?
Once you have completed and submitted your content to us we will need to check that all of the required information is there. The status on your listing will change to “Active” once we have made it live.

When I submit content how long before it is live?
Listings are usually live within 24 hours, but can take up to 3 working days. If your content is urgent please contact our office.

Once my pages are live can I make changes?
You will have an access to your own account where you will be able to update your listings throughout your subscription. Only the location and event dates are fixed.

Will The Retreat Company make changes to my listing for me?
We will happily make changes during your subscription, but any changes made by us will incur an admin charge

What happens if my retreat location changes during my subscription?
If your retreat moves or you want to swap location during your subscription there would be an admin charge

What if I can not add my content?
If you are struggling to add your content and give us a call and we will talk you through the Advertiser Area and help you get your content live

I have added my content, but I can not see it on the website
As you are adding content your listing will have a status of “Inactive”, it will stay inactive until you send it to us to make live by clicking on the “Submit for Review” link. The Status will then change to “Under Review” until we have checked that all of your vital content is there. Once we have approved your content to go onto our website the status on your account will say “Active”. This is when your listing is live.