Our retreat coaching is a service available to coaches and workshop leaders to support them whilst on their journey to building a successful retreat business. Building and managing a  retreat business is not something that is easy to do and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. The team at The Retreat Company can offer help, guidance and support whether you’re at the start-up phase or you’re looking to expand your business to the next level.

What Is Retreat Coaching?

Retreat coaching is perfect for retreat owners, coaches, workshop leaders and trainers, whether they’re a startup or a business superstar. The coaching offers help and support through mentoring programmes, which can be on a one-to-one basis or as a group and can be participated in throughout the year. Wherever you are in the world and whatever type of retreat you run, there is something on offer for everyone.

Our retreat coaching covers:

  • Tactics on how to get in front of the clients who could benefit from going on a retreat
  • Pricing and positioning of your retreat brand
  • Perfecting the message that you want to send to clients
  • How to convey and deliver your retreat’s value and services
  • PR and marketing of your retreat
  • How to develop the correct team that will help you grow your retreat business

Working in the field of retreat coaching requires a commitment to learning; whether it’s science, psychology or marketing tactics. Coaches must continuously ensure that they have all of the knowledge and business skills needed to allow their business to succeed.

How Retreat Coaching Works

We all know that success happens with the right people, help, services and systems in place. The mentoring and support you will receive during our retreat coaching programmes will keep you on track whilst building the retreat business of your dreams, fulfilling your ambitions and giving you the income and freedom that you want it to.

Retreats are needed now more than ever in the world today and we are using our 22 years of experience within the business to make sure that you are getting the help and support you need. Sometimes we think we have to do it all ourselves, but for every successful retreat business, there are invisible hands waiting to support us at every turn.

Our retreat coaching is perfect for:

  • New retreat venue owners who want to attract new clients
  • Existing retreat venue owners who want to gain more bookings
  • Existing holiday homeowners who want to offer their property as a retreat
  • Coaches
  • Workshop leaders
  • Trainers

If you fall under one of the above categories, then our retreat coaching is for you. Let us save you months of stress by teaching you the ways on how to make your retreat a business success, whilst helping people escape, rejuvenate and improve their mental health. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.

From our retreat coaching sessions, you can expect:

  • A discovery call to fully understand your current situation, your core values and your retreat goals
  • To collaboratively create a business strategy that effectively markets your retreat to your target customers
  • To receive lots of resources and tools to help you start, grow and maximise your retreat with step-by-step guidance
  • Regular touchpoints to better understand your ongoing situation and to be on hand to answer any questions you may have
  • Teachings on revenue management and pricing to maximise your return 
  • Advice on how to provide extra services to make extra income and make your retreat listing more attractive, such as catering, transport and excursions
  • Industry best practices and tips to help you stand out from the crowd
  • A listing that will be hosted on our retreat database

The retreat coaching programmes will focus on implementation, support and actionable knowledge. Rather than just providing you with a load of information and letting you get on with it, we’ll walk you through all the processes, with all advice being tailored to your particular retreat.

Want to get started? The next step is to book a strategy breakthrough session!

Our Other Advertising Services

The Retreat Company website is the perfect place to market your retreat, workshop or venue and getting your listing live is quick, easy and inexpensive. There are a few options available to you in addition to our retreat coaching, which are:

Date Led Retreats – buy a single listing for a one-off date or a series of dates by purchasing credits in bulk

Annual Packages – you can sign up to a basic package or a premium bundle, which combines a feature-rich listing with events credits, enabling you to promote all year round. 

Web Design Service – get a stunning website for your retreat business that uses a customisable template, which comes with instructions on how to adapt it to your branding, content and imagery.

The beauty of our services for retreat owners is that you can pay online with our 100% secure online payment system and that our packages are completely bespoke to your budget and purpose.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are interested in taking part in our retreat coaching sessions, please book a strategy breakthrough session or if you would like to find out more about our other advertising services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0116 259 9211 or emailing enquiries@theretreatcompany.com – we hope to hear from you soon!