6 Ways to Enjoy Mindfulness This Summer

Guest Author: Aisha Ahmada Summer’s finally arrived and you may have lots of plans. But don’t forget it’s the simple mindful moments that add up to leave you feeling revitalised.   Here are some of my top tips to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life these holidays and beyond: Visiting The Beach? As you walk […]

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Discover dream sleep at The Sleep Awakening Workshop

Good quality sleep is essential for every aspect of life including physical and emotional health and wellbeing, productivity at work, energy levels, motivation, good quality relationships, not to mention our appearance! With so many factors depending on sleep, it’s no wonder there’s now a workshop dedicated to this very subject. Called The Sleep Awakening, this […]

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Conscious Crafting – weekend retreats to explore your creativity and mindfulness

Conscious Crafting - Creative Retreats

Guest Blog by Karen Luckhurst In the last couple of decades, science has been corroborating what Zen masters have known for years; that regular meditation helps people cope with stress, illness and chronic pain as well as promoting wellbeing and a host of other benefits. In fact, regular meditation practice is associated with improvements in […]

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What relaxes you?

Relaxation Tips - What relaxes you?

In these busy times, taking time out to really relax and allow our mind body and soul to rejuvenate can take some effort! Getting into habits that serve us rather than getting swept along with life can take conscious focus to achieve this and even more to stay in that habit. Yet, how many times […]

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Yoga Mudras – All you need to know

Yoga Mudras – All you need to know. Bought to you by Yoga Breaks in Spain

Most people’s experience of yoga centres primarily on various yoga postures that stretches and strengthens their body. But yoga has a deeper, more spiritual side that includes practices such as Yoga Tatva Mudra Vigyan – otherwise known as mudras. What is a Mudra? From Sanskrit, the word mudra can be translated as “seal” or “gesture”. […]

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Luxury and Wellbeing Retreat in Northumberland

14 – 16 March 2014, Northumberland, England. Luxury and wellbeing retreat for the mind, body & soul Relaxation and Rejuvenation. Nourish your mind, body and soul with good food, relaxation, treatments, yoga and lots of love. Yair Sagy and Ziza Fernandes will be leading the activities over the weekend. The retreat will include the following… […]

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Health Retreats in Australia with Mullum Sari

Mullum Sari Health Retreat and Medi-Spa Mullum Sari offers a world class range of treatments for the most genuine healing experience of your life. Nestled within the quiet town of Mullumbimby in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Mullum Sari is a place of healing and rejuvenation. A place to nurture the mind, renew the body and […]

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