Now a retreat that has been inspired by the principles in this book

I stumbled across the ‘Feeding Your Demons’ process at the time when I really needed it most.  Having spent many years trying to push away parts of myself that I didn’t like, I wondered whether this was really the answer.  Hiding from, fighting and trying to bury these aspects of me only seemed to make them stronger and fiercer.  Did I really want to spend the rest of my life in battle with myself?


I discovered this remarkable method for transforming and befriending negative emotions, fears, illness and self defeating patterns; and was introduced to the radical notion that to heal and transform ourselves we must ‘feed’ not fight our demons.


The Feeding Your Demons process has been developed and carefully designed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, author of ‘Women of Wisdom’ and ‘Feeding Your Demons’. The five steps of the practice take one through the entire process of transforming ‘demons’ into allies, whereby the energy that is caught up in inner conflict becomes liberated and available to us as a resource.


After personally experiencing this wonderful process I decided to introduce it to my own clients and to offer it on my retreats in West Sussex.


The process facilitators Vajralila and Sudakini trained with Lama Tsultrim Allione at her retreat centre in Colorado and are currently the only certified UK facilitators. They are also both fully qualified and registered Psychotherapists and ordained Buddhists.

Lama Tsultrim Allione is a Buddhist teacher in the Tibetan tradition. She was one of the first women to be ordained as a nun in 1970 by the 16th Karmapa. Lama Tsultrim’s understanding of the western psyche as well as her deep Buddhist insight has led her to adapt the Chod practice into a form that westerners can benefit from and this form is ‘Feeding Your Demons’.


The results of my collaboration with Vajralila and Sudakini are that my company Platinum Healing now offers ‘Detox Your Demons’ Retreats in West Sussex.


The retreat combines our Comprehensive Detox Program, Feeding Your Demons Workshop, Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes, Life Coaching and NLP Workshop with a host of Mind and Body Treatments and Therapies available throughout your retreat.


The retreats are for anyone who wants to detox physically, emotionally and psychologically and work deeply with their own demons. By demons we mean our own negative emotions, fears, illnesses and self defeating patterns and behaviors.


The retreats are suitable for those interested in making permanent changes, improving health and wellbeing, personal development and spiritual practice.


The Detox Your Demons Retreat includes:


A Complete Juice Detox Program

Feeding Your Demons Workshop

Colon Cleansing and Detox Supplements

A Variety of Organic Super Foods

Liver and Kidney Cleansers

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Breathing Exercises

Pre Retreat Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Optional Colonics, Parasite Cleansing and Liver Flush (extra)

Informal Discussions on Nutrition, Health, the Mind, the Law of Attraction

Onsite Health Chef, Coach, Nutritionist, Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners

Inspirational and Educational Movies Shown Daily

Guided Group Deep Relaxation Sessions with Hypnotherapist

Yogic Cleansing Exercises for Releasing Toxic Energy and Emotions

FREE Life Coaching and NLP Workshop worth £120 (4+ Night Retreat)

Education on Lifestyle, Diet, Nutrition, Fitness and Health Choices

12 Months Post Detox Support (via e-mail and telephone)

Post Retreat Dietary Guidance and Support

Contemporary 5 ★ Luxury Accommodation

Private Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

Full use of the extensive grounds

FREE WiFi and Onsite Parking

Library of Health and Wellbeing Books and Magazines

Yoga DVD and Book to take home with you (optional and extra)

Home Detox Kit if you would like to continue your detox at home (optional and extra)

Beautiful Sandy Beaches nearby

15 Minute Walk to Historic Arundel

Arundel Castle Stunning Views

Peaceful, Quiet and Tranquil Environment

Qualified Friendly and Emotionally, Supportive Team

A New Refreshed, Cleaner, Healthier, Happier You!

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