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Need resolution from anxiety, depression, stress, loss, OCD, or chronic illness? Transform your life with Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist Lilly Wickham

  • Location: Isle of Wight, UK England, Europe
  • Phone: 0207 112 8207
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We treat on a natural & whole person basis. From the moment you book onto our life changing Retreat we listen, learn & devise ways to retrain, nurture & rebuild your mind, body & soul so that your brain fires when you need it, your body responds in a controlled way & your behaviours encourage health, laughter, positivity without illness or injury
We’re all educated & qualified to Masters & Doctoral levels & understand how to interrupt illness & get you back on track as pain eases, breathing’s deeper, mood lifts, habits change & you become free to embrace life


Once you book, Retreat creator and Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist will have a comprehensive telephone conversation with you. This pre-Retreat consultation enables her to establish the issues holding you back and put together a personalised treatment package for you that is going to provide the best results. This also enables Lilly to establish that you are right for one of our Retreats. We want you to get the most out of it and use this opportunity to establish that this is right for you – and we are always completely honest about this.


Our inclusive Travel Concierge service can take care of every aspect of your travel arrangements. We offer solutions for getting to the airport, airport parking or pre-flight accommodation, flights/connections/upgrades/seating preferences and luggage options. We personally meet you at the port and it’s just a short transfer to the Retreat in our own shuttles. When it comes to the day for travelling, we are constantly monitoring everything to ensure your journey is as smooth and stress-free as it can be


A welcome party awaits you as all the team come out to welcome you to your home for the next 6 days. Once we have completed a few basic health checks we show you to your room and explain all the facilities. We will give you a tour of this very impressive venue and explain everything for you. The team are always on hand if you have any questions or need anything. We keep your mobile phone safe during your stay, so you can completely detox from everything. You get it back at the port, fully charged.


When everyone first arrives, they’re often trepidatious, wondering what’s in store for them…. The Welcome Workshop is just one of many captivating and informative workshops held by Lilly that helps you understand how you got to where you are and how, with our help we are going to get you to where you want to be. It explains in detail the Retreat and what you are likely to experience during your journey.
We have very small groups, so our team can provide personalised care to each Retreater. It is a very caring, loving and non-judgemental environment. You’re in safe hands


What most don’t realise is, to maintain total wellbeing, it’s not just about what you eat… in fact, there’s far more to it. The most misleading is weight loss. To date, our best achievement with a lady is losing 16 cms (6.3 inches) of visceral fat in just 6 days by eating the right foods, at the right times - no need for a boot camp or resorting to juicing! As you will learn in the workshops, your brain can only be as good as your gut, so we help you get better from the inside, out.


The key element to a Life Right Retreat is the 1:1 sessions with our experts. Within the team led by esteemed Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist and General Health Practitioner Lilly Wickham we have two Chiropractic doctors, an acupuncturist, yoga, tai chi and qi gong instructors, personal trainers, clinical and remedial massage therapists, all dedicated to your total wellbeing and transformation, to help you achieve the results everyone else told you were unachievable. People travel from around the world to work with Lilly Wickham .Take a look at the videos tab above or visit our website


A Life Right Health Retreat is about transformation. It is about treating you as a person, not a condition. We don’t take any preconceived ideas of ‘best guess’ judgements from anyone else – we establish what is wrong and then all of the team work with you to change your health status and consequently; transform your life. Aside from new friends, you’ll leave our Retreat with a new you, considerable knowledge on how to stay well & continue your journey at home. Remember you’re not alone once you leave, as we are there to support you.

Disabled Facilities

The property dates back to the 18th century and therefore is not suitable for wheelchairs. If you are able to walk up stairs with assistance, we can provide this for you

Opening Times and Prices

Our acclaimed Retreats run throughout the year across Europe. We offer 6-day all-inclusive options with options to share with one other person or have your own place of sanctuary to rest and relax
There are full details on our website at

Travel Information

Book your own travel, or have our Travel Concierge take care of all of this for you. There's full details on our website at



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