Ancient Greek Retreats – For Healing and Empowerment

A 9-day journey of healing, inspiration and empowerment, set in a highly energized Cycladic Greek Island, following the wisdom and principles of the Ancient Greeks

  • Location: Koufonisi, Greece, Europe
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Exclusive, Holistic Health Retreat:
For you that are going through a major transition in your lives, who need space and guidance to heal and recharge body, mind and spirit, to nourish yourselves with healthy, delicious Mediterranean whole food, to put your trust in professional hands in a luxurious worry-free environment, to reconnect with your higher wisdom and embrace the next chapter on your life's path with clarity, freedom and joy!
Using the wisdom and principles of the Ancient Greeks, including wholesome superfoods; energising exercises, meditations and breathwork in a highly energised environment; a crystal healing session, a quantum healing regression session; evening meditations to aid your intuition and open your third eye....then join us on this retreat.

What an Ancient Greek Retreat looks like - a truly holistic approach

Morning Program - A daily program of gentle yet effective energising exercises to activate your energy flow, and guided breathing exercises to further cleanse and expand your internal space and fill it with clean, healing elements. After a superfoods breakfast, there’s a guided group energising meditation it’s time for sightseeing, swimming or relaxation activities. The morning program is focused on energising and empowering the individual.
Evening Program - is a discussion/sharing session followed by a variety of guided meditations to help open our third eye, increase our awareness and receive our own messages and dreams while we sleep, to further give insights to our individual life situations and connect with our own guidance systems.

Luxury Accommodation - Healthy Mediterranean Meals

In 2 luxurious villas with swimming pool, sauna, hammam, lots of outdoor seating and eating areas, large bedrooms with own bathrooms, single occupancy recommended to give you the optimum personal space for your healing; all with an ocean/horizon view – also optimum for healing. The Ancient Greeks used looking at the horizon as a technique for expansion and connection to the universal elements, and healing.
Outdoor BBQ and large kitchens give our specialised chefs ample space to prepare our freshly caught seafood, organic local vegetables, cheeses, yoghurt, honey, eggs, fruit in season, vegetarian traditional meals and salads – all cuisine based around the use of olive oil and local organic products. Also traditional and modern healthy desserts, gluten free and dairy free where possible.

Natural Healing Treatments

Our vision is to provide a most comprehensive program that treats and honours the individual as a whole and empowers you with the tools to change your life and gain optimum health and happiness.
Two healing sessions are a key component in the program, and are performed for each participant during the retreat.

A comprehensive energy/crystal healing session (2 hrs) is given using powerful crystal wands to cleanse the auric field, chakras, meridians and organs of all negative energy and blockages, then energised and programmed to accelerate healing and self-realisations.

Also, a Quantum Healing Regression Therapy session (5hrs) is given to guide you to speak with your Higher Self – that part of you that is the Divine Spark and has more wisdom and knowledge about you and your life!

Swim in the Aegean Sea - A Detoxifying clay treatment

One of the cleanest seas today, also housed powerful volcanoes in the past- its energizing and healing qualities are still felt. It takes 20mins of being in the sea, for osmosis to take place, where the ocean minerals permeate the skin and assimilate with your body. It’s important to swim in a clean, energized sea!
Enjoy a variety of beaches, some within walking distance, some by short boat ride, some have local tavernas for drinks and snacks, all have clear, enticing waters.
Our therapeutic clay treatment (from local volcanic clay) is exceptionally detoxifying and nourishing. By languishing in mineralized clay, microscopic particles transport nutrients to your skin and drawing away unhealthy metals, chemicals and other toxins from your body. Your skin and hair will feel baby soft and clean.

Why the Greek Cycladic Islands?

The Ancient Greeks had the first documented "Asclepeions"(healing retreats)– the precursors to today's hospitals. They took their sick away from the cities, their families, their normal lives, to specially constructed sanctuaries conducive to healing. Environment is a key factor in accelerating healing.
The Ancient Greeks strategically built their Asclepeions in highly energised natural locations, usually in a high elevation where they could view the sea and the horizon, to meditate and draw upon the energies of the elements to expand their consciousness and enhance their healings; and to receive messages, guidance and realisations from their Higher Selves.
The picturesque Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea are renowned for these ancient sites.

Pre-Retreat Consultation

A Pre-Retreat Consultation is mandatory, for both parties to ascertain suitability for the retreat. Provision for this is made on our website

Travel Information

Getting To The Retreat

Flight to Athens, then boat from Piraeus (Port of Athens)to Koufonisi.
Boats leave at 7.25am daily except Sundays (no boats)

Also, you may fly to Naxos Island from Athens (domestic flight)usually around 9am, then get a boat from Naxos to Koufonisi.

Best options will be discussed for each individual during the pre-retreat consultation.

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