Depression and Anxiety Retreats

CBT psychotherapy combined with Mindfulness Meditation training and Yoga for a complete mental healing retreat

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia, Asia
  • Phone: +44 7795 570211
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Clients on this retreat are experiencing on average a 90% decrease in both depression and anxiety levels after an 8 to 10 day retreat.

It is an intensive retreat program for anxiety and depression, and a range of other conditions relating to mental health. Our program uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combined with Mindfulness Meditation technique training and yoga to provide an intensive healing for mind and body. We combine these therapies because they act as a highly therapeutic complement to the CBT. Both practices are scientifically proven to help with a range of mental health conditions and used regularly, promote positive mental health.
We offer both residential, all inclusive retreats as well as Day Therapy retreats, each lasting for a minimum of 8 days.

Intensive CBT psychotherapy to treat a range of mood and anxiety disorders

Over an 8 day retreat, you will receive 16 hours of 1:1 CBT with the Clinical Psychologist, plus 16+ hours of Mindfulness meditation training/yoga.

We have helped clients from around the world who have never had psychotherapy before, are still in therapy at home or have completed a course of psychotherapy at some point in their lives. We see only one person or one couple at a time allowing for complete focus on the client’s specific issues.

Conditions Treated
● Depression
● Anxiety and Panic Disorder
● Social Anxiety Disorder
● Stress and Burnout
● Postpartum Depression
● Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
● Trauma
● Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
● Bipolar Disorder
● Insomnia
● Anger Management
● Phobias

Anxiety & Depression Retreats: Options & Prices

Retreats provide 16 hours of 1:1 CBT and 16+ hours Mindfulness training/yoga over 8 days. We have no “set” retreat dates; we try to accommodate client’s preference.
Retreats Include:
- 8 days/7 nights (min) luxury private room at our host resort (residential);
- Free online consultation with the Clinical Psychologist;
- All meals (resort offers organic/ gluten free meals) (residential)
- 2 massages (residential)
- 2 hours 1:1 CBT with Clinical Psychologist each day;
- 2-2.5 hours Mindfulness technique training/yoga each day;
- Transfers to/from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport (residential).
Day Therapy, clients stay elsewhere and come to the resort for daily therapies.
Residential Retreat (8 days/7 nights): USD $5600.00
Day Therapy: USD $425/day with one meal, USD $450/day with 3 meals.

What to expect at your retreat

We hold our retreats at a beautiful eco-friendly village resort in the Canggu area of Bali. Each day clients have 2 hours of 1:1 CBT with the Clinical Psychologist, plus 2-2.5 hours of a combination of Mindfulness Meditation Technique training/yoga. It is a luxury resort and provides the perfect environment for this type of intensive therapy. We are not a hospital or a clinic and there are no doctors or nurses at the retreat. It is an intensive, reflective program and CBT requires "homework", so clients spend time outside of their daily therapies on their own to do reading, journaling, relaxing, and the homework that is required for the CBT therapy process.
CBT is the recommended front line treatment for mood and anxiety disorders (NICE, UK).

Psychotherapy done with a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist

The Clinical Psychologist for the retreat program has over 18 years of multi-cultural experience. He is a member of the British Psychological Society, International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy, and the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. He is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, neurofeedback/biofeedback therapist and integrative CBT therapist including mindfulness meditation.

Retreats last for a minimum of 8 days based on National Institute of Health & Care Excellence, UK Guidelines. NICE recommends a minimum of 16-18 hours of CBT to treat a generalized anxiety disorder, for instance. Each client is different and some stay longer than 8 days.
You will meet the Clinical Psychologist at your online consultation before any commitment is made.

The benefits you will gain from our intensive Anxiety and Depression Retreats

We specialize in 1:1 retreats for individuals and couples. The format of the retreats means progress begins immediately.
• Finish your course of CBT in 8 to 10+ days, having 16+ hours of 1:1 sessions. Done weekly, this would take 4 months to complete;
• Learn effective meditation techniques, including Mindfulness Meditation, and benefits of using meditation as part of your everyday life;
• You will learn how to improve your physical health through the practice of yoga;
• Leave with a tool box of techniques as well as new, productive ways of thinking and behaving. A key goal of CBT is that you "become your own therapist", having learnt skills that you can continue to practice after you’ve left your retreat.

Interested in Joining?

How do I book a retreat?
If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please send us an enquiry via The Retreat Company website. You can also read more about our retreat program by visiting our website. We try to accommodate client’s preferred dates for joining as we have no “set” retreat dates.
How do I know if the retreat program can be of benefit to me?
Through your free of charge online consultation with the Clinical Psychologist, he will make a determination on whether our program can be beneficial for you. He may ask you to fill in some additional online forms in order to complete his assessment. Jeremy will then advise on the number of days he feels would be of most benefit to you, based on your feedback.

More Joining Info

I’m ready to join - what happens next?
Once dates are agreed, we invoice for the full amount of the retreat (if booking within 4 weeks); if booking 5 weeks+ in advance, a 50% deposit is made at time of booking; balancing payment due 4 weeks prior to start date. Please note: We require proof of your payment transfer before being able to confirm your retreat. This can be sent to us via email. Once your payment has arrived in Bali, we will send you a receipt. Bank details for USD transfer will be on your invoice.
What’s a typical day like?
Daily CBT sessions generally begin around 9:30am and last for 2 hours. Meditation/yoga sessions are done throughout the day. In between therapies, you have time on your own to do the CBT “homework” as well as time for reading, journaling and relaxing.

Opening Times and Prices

Retreats are run throughout the year and we try to accommodate our client’s preferred choice of dates.

Travel Information

Travel to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali



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