Borgo Egnazia – Happiness Like Nowhere Else

Experience a journey to learn how to achieve a state of lasting happiness in a heart-warming land in South Italy, where traditions are rich and alive and climate is mild all year

  • Location: Puglia, Italy, Europe
  • Phone: +39 080 225 5850
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Every day of the year, in all seasons, Borgo Egnazia embodies a different concept of hospitality and wellbeing based on local and authentic experiences. A place unique in the world that brings the tales of Puglia to life through timeless architecture, the beauty and centuries-old culture of the territory, the visionary and contemporary interpretation of tradition. Everything contributes to the search for a new balance and a renewed happiness among tailor-made experiences and a very high level of hospitality. In perfect Puglian style.
Borgo Egnazia is in Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi), a few steps away from the Adriatic coast, the slopes of the Murgia and the Itria Valley and it’s easily accessible both from Bari and Brindisi international airports.

Puglia, a Magic Location

A welcoming and heart-warming land in South Italy, where traditions are rich and alive, climate is mild all year
Always at your side during your stay at Borgo, a Local Adviser is your special “local friend” who knows and loves the Apulian land. Authentic relationships to boost your experience
Our in-house DMC company Indigenus provides guests from all over the world with what we like to call “Nowhere Else Experiences”.
Totally immersed in the rich Mediterranean flora, San Domenico Golf provides a stunning view of the Adriatic, with the sea wind caressing gameplay

Accommodation at Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia is a contemporary interpretation of Apulian architecture, providing 3 kinds of accommodation, different in scope and size, all conceived as an harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, modernity and authenticity, grandeur and simplicity: the main building, La Corte, Il Borgo, inspired by ancient rural villages and Le Ville, a range of elegant villas with private gardens and pools.
Each room is customizable according to guest’s Wellbeing needs, with meditation equipment, fitness tools and dedicated minibar to boost the sense of happiness.
Personal spray sinergies, delivered after the Aroma tests, to recreate the intimate personal Spa environment in the privacy of the room for the neurophisiological wellbeing.
Rooms with direct access to Wellbeing area are available.

Vair Spa

Vair (in local dialect "True") is the unparalleled Puglian Spa nestled in the heart of Borgo Egnazia.
Here an extraordinary team of talented therapists-artists, musicians and local dancers is ready to guide guests in poetic experiences, following the teachings of the "Science of Happiness", and creating tailor-made programs according to individual desires and needs. Vair has several areas dedicated to different treatments: the beauty area with the new Nail Lab corner, the fitness area with the gym and heated indoor pool, the community area with relax room, sauna, steam bath and Spa bar, and the most precious Roman Baths deep in the heart of the Spa.

Balance and Wellbeing at Borgo Egnazia

At Borgo Egnazia well-being is everywhere. Whether it is a Spa experience inspired by ancient local techniques, a class of Iyengar yoga or an afternoon dedicated to discovering the natural beauty of the countryside on a cycle tour with a local guide, everyone is free to find his own equilibrium according to taste. Here, everything is designed to ensure you spend precious time at your own pace, synchronizing with the Puglian rhythm.
According to the “Science of Happiness”, as we cultivate it, the benefits are multifaceted: we are more likely to live longer lives, to have healthier bodies, to be more innovative and creative, have stronger relationships, and even, have healthier cultures and communities.

Movement and The Art Of Laughter

The concept of fitness evolves with a new training project based on tailor-made experiences: classes will be preferably held in groups to share with others the joy and positive feelings of open-air activities followed by high professional personal trainers. The main goal is to support the body in the production and contagious diffusion of happiness hormones o develop a healthy balance between body and mind to boost the guest experience.
Fun is also a key element to reduce stress and that’s why Vair is also launching a new selection of experiences based on the importance of laughter, promoting its benefits for the body and mind health through theatre, dance and music classes.


The nutrition is an essential part of the Mediterrean lifestyle that has always been considered one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. All Borgo Egnazia restaurants and bars offer experiences designed beyond the idea of a restrictive and low calories approach, and all menus feature an unexpected and delicious balance between taste and wellbeing. Guests can choose among Michelin-starred gourmet food, traditional dishes in a friendly atmosphere, freshly-caught fish and seafood directly by the sea or just a perfect snack wearing their bathrobe after a Spa treatment, abandoning frustration resulting from privations. All dishes, created by the Executive Chef and an expert in nutrition, are prepared using local and low processed food, with a great attention to nutritional values.

Happiness like Nowhere Else: Happiness Break 3 or 6 nights

This Vair program includes a careful selection of fitness and yoga classes, self-expression workshops, Spa treatments and sessions in the Roman Bath for a personal journey aimed at a joyful vision of life, ideal for those who want to break free from a stressful everyday routine and reconnect with their own happiness.
Your program will be modelled on the basis of 2 fundamental steps: the Aroma Intro, a sensory key to identify your potential and needs, and the Pro Happiness Test which marks the exact starting point of the whole program.
Experience a deep connection with the land and its powerful nature, rediscover the value of authentic relationships and learn the secrets to adopt healthy eating and a convivial and community lifestyle.

Opening Times and Prices

Borgo Egnazia is open all year around
Rates starting form Euro 269 for double room on B&B basis and Euro 249 for single room on B&B basis

Travel Information

Borgo Egnazia is in Savelletri di Fasano (Brindisi), a few steps away from the Adriatic coast, the slopes of the Murgia and the Itria Valley and it’s easily accessible both from Bari and Brindisi international airports (50' or 35' by car respectively) and from the Fasano train station (about 5’ by car).



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