Breathwork And Meditation Retreat, Set In A Magical 70 Acre Private Woodland

Join us as we connect with breathwork, movement, meditation to clear mind, body and spirit. An essential detox for 21st century living

  • Location: Wiltshire, UK England, Europe
  • Phone: 07703621730
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Working with Oliver James, Bournemouth Meditation invites you on a transformative weekend.
We have a rare opportunity to transport to a simpler time, a weekend to breathe and connect with ourselves in nature, free from phone reception, mains electricity and the distraction of contemporary living.
Staying in sustainable accommodation buildings

Sunrise Salutation: morning breath, movement and meditation
Breathing Masterclass: exploring techniques to clear negative patterns held within our body and breath.
Forest Bathing: Learn the art of silence in the healing presence of trees and nature
Fire ceremony: Heal and transform in a traditional roundhouse and forest fire circle.
Rest! Lots of free time to enjoy the forest.
Plus: There will be a wood fired sauna and hot tub

£275 All inclusive

Bournemouth meditation

At Bournemouth Meditation we create groups to explore and develop meditation practices designed for the individual.
For those new to the field, where is the best place to start?
For an experienced practitioner, how do we know whether our current practice serves us best?
The answers to these questions are quite simple and yet it can take years, even decades to unravel them. Of course an involved process may be part of your journey but what if there was a different way? What if it was possible to unpick essentials individual to us without taking shortcuts or bypassing anything important?
We invite you on a remarkable adventure to discover the best of meditation for yourself.

Group Leaders

Author of The Big Book of Breath, Oliver is a rising star in the world of Breathwork. He connects breath with meditation and consciousness work to create a powerful and transformative healing modality. Oliver is a certified Body Led Therapist, Breathworker and Healer involved in the industry for over 14 years.

Sam is the organiser of Bournemouth Meditation. With twenty years in Dorset he is a grounding presence helping to bring exciting meditation and breathwork opportunities to the community.

Breathing Master Classes

Am I breathing correctly and what is possible consciously choosing to connect with it? Throughout the weekend the breathing master classes will firstly help us understand our individual breath; the unique qualities that make up our breath and respiratory patterns. What might breath say about our character and history? We will also introduce some of the latest scientific research with breathing exercises so you can experience for yourself this most remarkable of human technologies. Bring questions of your own

Ceremony and Ritual

Connect to the healing power of nature through a weekend of ceremony and ritual. The magical woodlands hold many important lessons for us. What parts of myself do I give away in the rush and madness of contemporary life and how can I claim them back? By letting nature show us the way we learn the art of slowing down and reconnect to what is primal and important us. Fire ceremonies combined with the healing energies of the forest will help clear the path for our inner light to shine even brighter.

Breathe with the Trees

An opportunity to experience for ourselves the healing power of nature through forest bathing. The health benefits of Shinrin Yoku (aka forest bathing) are renowned. Having been practiced for almost 50 years in Japan and even prescribed by doctors as part of their national health programme we shall find out why everyone is turning to nature for health and wellbeing. We will be learning breath and mindfulness techniques to make the most of the mystical woodlands.

Rest and Restore

Is it not crazy we have forgotten the art of rest? The pressures of 21st Century living are such that it is easy to lose ourselves in the rush of it all. What if it were possible to do more by doing less? The retreat promises to offer you many opportunities not only to rest but learning how to rest; how to help mind, body and spirit regroup and recharge. A glorious few days of wood fired hot tubs and saunas, healthy food, morning breathwork, movement and meditation, all embraced by your own private woodland. The best part: there will be no phone reception! A delicious and restorative weekend to look after number one.


Hazel Hill has 3 environmentally sustainable buildings with a mixture of cosy single bedrooms and larger shared bedrooms. All bathrooms are shared.

Meals: Simple, wholesome and organic. A variety of diet options available. Meals will be served both indoors and in the forest (weather pending).

Refreshments: Water, herbal teas and fresh juice available through out the retreat.

Opening Times and Prices

Next Retreat: June 14th-16th

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