Life-changing Health Retreat created & run by Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist

ALL-INCLUSIVE Health Retreat with life-changing results specialising in trauma, long-term psychological & physical health issues

  • Location: Alicante, Spain, Europe
  • Phone: 0207 112 8207
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VERY different to other Retreats you might have seen - a Life Right Health Retreat is run by clinical experts to help you with short & long-term psychological and physical issues, delivering effective results every time.
This includes dramatic transformations for those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, abuse, loss, bereavement, diabetes, lack of motivation or emotional burnout
Designed, created & run by leading trauma psychologist Lilly Wickham this Retreat will change your life

Life-Changing Health Retreats

With nearly 20 years experience as clinical lead in her health & wellbeing centre, Retreat Creator Lilly Wickham identified the distinct benefits of residential based therapies over clinical appointments. From the outset, results were noticeably different, with the impact & effectiveness significantly enhanced when based within a controlled environment without outside distraction, worry, stress or influence.
A Life Right Retreat is unique – it is not ‘fluffy’ as people often refer to other Retreats, it is created & delivered by highly skilled experts to deliver effective & sustainable life-changing results

Our philosophy

Whilst our Retreats are considered the very best for delivering life-changing results, we didn’t want the exceptional skills and results to come with an elite price tag. We want to make these accessible whether this is something specific or just better health and a state of wellness.
A Life Right Health Retreat provides you with the opportunity to experience industry leading powerful skills and techniques to deliver life-changing results at an affordable price
What price could you put on being able to transform your life?

Retreats that are built around you

No two Life Right Retreats are ever the same. Sure, they will include key elements however the programme, the food, the entertainment, the walks and even the music we play is all influenced by the people attending.
Designed by Lilly Wickham, the programmes offer maximum effectiveness to move you from how you are feeling right now by including key elements from yoga, tai chi, QI Gong, interactive psychology workshops, mindful walks, entertainment, excursions, meditation classes and much more. No two are ever the same and no other Retreat is anything like a Life Right Retreat.

Delicious Organic Food – Freshly Prepared

What you eat is a key element of your health and wellbeing and, as you will learn on a Life Right Retreat, health is far more than watching calories. Different foods generate different responses in your body & your mind, combining certain foods can increase this response.
Lilly Wickham incorporates nutrigenomics to create the perfect menu plan for each of our Retreaters. All food is freshly prepared by our in-house catering team with delicious organic ingredients, produced locally wherever available.
You won’t go hungry either – eating healthily or to lose weight is not just about portion control

Who Comes On A Life Right Retreat?

Sessions with Lilly are the key element to change and will deliver the most effective results you have experienced, and we always ensure that you have the right number of sessions with each of our Practitioners to achieve the change and the results you seek.
When it is time to book, you will have a telephone consultation with Lilly herself to discuss your needs and goals. This helps her to know your core reasons for coming and to formulate a treatment plan for you whilst you are with us.

Getting To Our Retreats

We run bespoke Retreats around the world but one thing is always the same, our in-house Travel Concierge team arrange all of your door to door travel needs for you with our team getting attractive corporate rates, we can often save you money on your travel.
We book your tickets in advance and provide you with a detailed step by step travel itinerary, so you can sit back and relax, knowing this is all taken care of for you.

Packages & Plans

When you have your telephone consultation with Lilly, she will put together a treatment package for you based specifically on your needs. You can also choose one of the packages from our website. With our all-inclusive packages you know exactly what you are getting and what the total cost to transform your life will be.

Eco Practices

Some of our Retreat venues use solar power and we ALWAYS recycle everything to the max! Where available we use local farms and growers for our organic food and all food waste goes back into the soil in bio-farming practices.

Disabled Facilities

Each venue we use is different and often very old so please enquire if you have specific needs.

Opening Times and Prices

Please see our website for the latest availability

Travel Information

Our Travel Concierge takes care of all your travel arrangements, wherever in the world you are travelling from. We will discuss this with you when you call



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