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treating anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, physical pain, loss of motivation & plenty more

  • Location: Dorset, UK England, Europe
  • Phone: 0207 112 8207
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We treat on a natural & whole person basis. From the moment you book onto our Insight Health Retreat your life will be different. Therapeutic workshops, educational seminars, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, qi-gong, foods that heal & (if you want an extra focus for hard to tackle issues) private therapy, bookable with any of our health professional before the event. An Insight Retreat offers exactly that, an ‘Insight’ into how to be, feel, think & act differently, without hurt upset, fear, rejection & unwanted habits.
We’re all educated & qualified to Masters & Doctoral levels.

What can I expect?

We offer two types of Retreats – ‘Insight’ and ‘Insight PLUS’ – our website has all the info about the differences.
This is an ‘Insight’ Retreat, looking at different aspects of wellbeing for the brain, body, mind & relationships. They are a pivotal part of attaining & staying well in a world that is full of stress, toxins, pollution, junk food & anxiety. Book 1:1 consultations, therapies & treatments with our team of experts, all trained to Masters level.

What does the Retreat include

An Insight Retreat is for anyone who choses to prioritise their own health & wellbeing as a means of looking after themselves & their loved ones. Whether you are suffering from long term illness or upset, have suffered a bereavement, accident or loss then an Insight Retreat is there to heal & restructure yourself so you can enjoy the rest of your life, feeling more in control, with less pain, anxiety & more hope for the future.

What will I get from it?

You work with a dedicated, experienced & qualified team of health professionals on an anti-inflammatory health programme with a toxin-free food and drink menu. We will teach you relaxation techniques, how to calm your mind, have a healthier body and happier life, resolve issues with 1:1 sessions with our practitioners plus learn & socialise with like-minded people

More about Life Right Insight Retreats

We all try to cope with the ravages of our busy lives & this can take its toll on our sense of self & wellbeing. We work too long, eat too much or just eat rubbish. We are a victim of our childhood conditioning, from the foods we ate then, the events we endured, friendships we had, lovers we took, choices we made & even the beliefs we hold about ourselves & our capabilities forged by significant others. We are very good at looking after others, so now is the time for others to look after you.

What Treatments & Therapies Are On Offer At An Insight Event

We are a Team of Health professionals that work within the Behavioural & Natural Health model. We work from the brain down & look at all aspects of yourself to piece the jigsaw together, so you can enjoy better health. Better health being, smiling more, breathing deeper, laughing loudly, loving freely, living away from addiction & moving without pain, restriction or worry. We offer psychotherapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, couples counselling, family therapy, NLPt, nutritional therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, neuromuscular health checks, cranial adjustments, massage, reflexology, exercise rehab, breathwork, pain management & sleep reviews.

1:1 Consultations & Sessions On An Insight Event

Our Team is led by expereinced Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist & General Health Practitioner, Lilly Wickham. We have two Chiropractic Doctors, an Acupuncturist, Yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong instructors, personal trainers, nutritionist & clinical/remedial massage therapists, all dedicated to your total wellbeing & transformation & available to book as part of your health transformation on this Insight Event.
Take a look at the videos tab above or visit our website

What You Will Achieve

The worst case scenario is that you will relax & enjoy being surrounded by energy that feels healing, nurturing & supportive., leaving you feeling more able to carry on with your life. The best case scenario is that you will come armed with what is troubling you & get to grips with changing how you think & feel about that issue or health concern. Whether that is within a 1:1 therapy or treatment session or a transformation that takes place within you prompted by the content of the whole weekend, its programme & the energy you share with others.

Eco Practices

We recycle everything possible!

Disabled Facilities

The hotel offers full disabled facilities. If you have special requirements, please let us know so we can make all necessary provisions ahead of your arrival.

Opening Times and Prices

We offer event only, event + shared accommodation and event + sole occupancy accommodation. Prices start from £470

Travel Information

These are situated on the east cliff in Bournemouth, less than a mile from the train station. Buses run outside to the station & there are plenty of taxis

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