Mankind360 Health and Wellbeing Retreat

We offer support for you to focus on your business and personal health & wellbeing. The retreats are personally, private, confidential and designed with you in mind

  • Location: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, Europe
  • Phone: 0033 559 042 863
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We’ve combined business and wellbeing for a reason; we all work or serve others and sometimes need quality time out to recharge and rethink it all. If you feel highly stressed or lost after a relationship, career or health upheaval. You may be suffering with burnout, depression or want to restructure the way you operate. It could be time for a rethink to understand the Why question and purpose more. We offer real support, coaching and guidance personally designed with you. Whether it’s just the personal you, the career you or both at the same time this is all about change and transformation. Our unique and bespoke 360 review covers the past, present and future wellbeing journey of you.

Nutrition and wellbeing

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'. The great Greek philosophers knew this.
Real life and real living can get in the way of us refuelling well for the mind and body. It's ok, we are here to help with this. Food and nutrition are part of the 360 way. We offer support to find an eating plan for you and work in the kitchen together. Understand what does and doesn't work for you. Your food and drink relationship and habits influence the likes of IBS, acid reflux, moods, energy, health and wellbeing. Learn about you and have the time to be different, try new ways and own your diet.

The Body - Mind connection

Body movement, fitness, strength work, yoga asana's all help us keep mentally and physically well. Reconnecting with the body helps with stress, the lymphatic system, the mind and our all over wellbeing. Think more than bones and muscle work, think the mind, energy, emotions, nerves and all which assist the inner life of you. We'll support and help you stretch, align and strengthen. Whether you jog in the rain, stretch in the sun or just walk and think with the wind in your face this is the place for you. Have fun with the 360 mind and body connection designed with you.

Home from home

We want you to feel relaxed, content and able to unwind while you're with us. For your time away here, we've created a lovely space in the manor house to recharge, feel comfortable and feel at home. With limited places meaning there’s a lot more time to focus on you. Our aim, to offer you an escape to our natural location while you learn, transform and find your feet again. Be inspired to recreate and reconnect in a safe and comfortable home. It may be tough however,make it a priority to allocate or find time for your personal development. You’ll be amazed how many will support your journey to change and respect your decision to develop when you return.

Escape to nature

We're open all year and the seasons are beautiful here. We're nestled in the country side with fantastic views of the Pyrenees, beautiful walk routes and a place to escape the rush. Not far from Lourdes or the chic city of Pau if you wish to site see and experience the sights of SW France. Getting back to nature is proven to reduce stress and help the body and mind slow down. Take some time for yourself or book for someone you value in your life or team, not for a holiday, but to grow and evolve through change.

360 life

Take time out and have quality time. Either alone, as a couple or with friends or family to reconnect. You may manage or run a business and just need time to be creative again. The manor house offers a lovely place to chat, listen, support and share stories of life. The 360 way helps with conversations, idea's and reconnections. Sometimes we all need the simple gift of presence and time.

Manor house living

Built in 1758 the Manor house is a special place to visit. It's rustic, full of charm and character with home comforts to help you unwind. You'll be transported back in time as you look around and see the original features throughout. There’s a beautiful energy and feel within the house and grounds. We're not a modern hotel or gadget house however we're sure you'll experience the lovely feeling of history and comfort too. Switch off the mobile, escape the light pollution and allow the body clock and mind to reset. Manor house living is about being part of retreat life here. Wood burning stoves, large open kitchen, rooms to come together and with spaces to escape to reflect. Being part of the retreat and old-fashioned living allows your mind, body and senses to all reconnect.

Heart & Mindset

The 360 review is comprehensive and includes the heart and the mindset. Your emotional responses, stress relief methods and self-care are needed as much as a strategy to help change any sabotaging behaviours’ which may take you off track. Whether in business, the military, the world of sports or highly measured individuals, performance can make a real impact on your and others’ lives. All professionals’ or individuals with external or internal stressors with self-measurement in their life will benefit from the review. Forget job titles, we’re all just human and the heart and mindset applies to us all. Book yourself in or call for more information.

Opening Times and Prices

Open all year with prices starting from £100 a day. We offer short, medium- or long-term support through change.

Travel Information

Lourdes is our nearest airport just 20 miles away with direct links via Ryanair from London Stanstead.
Toulouse, Biarritz & Bordeaux are approx. 100 miles away. Hire a car or jump on a train to either Tarbes or Lourdes as both are approx. 20 miles. Either grab a taxi or we'll see if we can help with your last leg of the journey.

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