Michelle Chapman Stress-free Success 1-2-1 Transformative Retreats

Life altering 1-2-1 retreats to nurture authentic success without stress, worry or anxiety. Time to stop slogging and start thriving

  • Location: Essex, UK England, Europe
  • Phone: 01371 850800
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I see more and more hard working professionals worn out from the pressure and stress of holding everything together. Your world is moving at such a pace that you are struggling to actually enjoy it.

When life stops being fun, you need deep rest AND a more significant step change in your life. One where you can achieve success from a place of enjoyment and abundance, not worry, stress and pressure.

Come and take a deeply relaxing and nourishing break at a secret rural hideaway and transform your life beyond recognition.

All Inclusive 1-2-1 Transformative Coaching Experience

My 1-2-1 retreat experience isn’t just about having a really enjoyable, relaxing time at my private 16th century barn surrounded by stunning farmland and country walks. It isn’t just about staying in a peaceful, private room with king-size sleigh bed, en-suite whirlpool bathroom and all-inclusive food and drink. It isn’t even just about creating the space in your mind to allow insight to flourish.

You will be guided on a beyond words transformative experience before, during and after your two-day programme with:
-Pre-retreat orientation
-Introductory CD set
-Two-day 1-2-1 transformative retreat experience
-Three months 1-2-1 coaching to continue your grounding

Achieving Success without the Stress

When you have a demanding career and lead a busy, fast paced lifestyle, it seems obvious to point to that as your source of stress. When we feel bad, it’s natural to want to find and resolve the cause, but most people are looking in the wrong place.

The stress that you feel is not due to your environment, no matter how tough your situation seems. Stress is always your body reacting to your thoughts, but what if you could take yourself beyond this? What if you could release the pressure and expectation whilst achieving more than you dreamed possible?

Getting Back in the Flow

When you get out of sync with yourself, you feel out of sync with the world. This can make life feel like a long, uphill battle. If you are slogging instead of thriving, you become drained and exhausted and yet when you finally have the time to rest, your mind doesn’t switch off!

When you learn to have less on your mind (even when there’s a lot going on) you are naturally more resilient, intuitive and responsive to opportunities that exist everywhere. When you are able to connect fully to what you already have, you open your potential for more.

Wake up your Innate Intelligence and Resilience

Isn’t it funny that when we feel stressed out and under pressure, we listen to the unhelpful monkey chatter that reminds us of our insecurities and we ignore the deep wisdom that’s quietly trying to guide us through?

When you learn to differentiate between them you’ll find your anxieties and worrisome thoughts pass you by, allowing you to be comfortable and at ease in the present moment. Regardless of the challenges you face, you will always know you are strong, resilient, capable and enough.

From Mental Overwhelm to Clarity of Mind

When we have too much on our mind, it is a literal description. It’s the excess or sheer volume of thoughts, rather than the content of them, that get in the way of thinking clearly. So how do you learn to have less on your mind?

There is a power like no other that comes from understanding the mechanic of thought itself, rather than getting caught up in the content, especially where stress is concerned. The more you see it for what it is, the greater the power you have, guaranteed.

Deepen and Strengthen Loving Connections

It’s easy to become frustrated with the people we love when we have a lot on our mind. If you are finding your partner irritating, your family members annoying or your children infuriating, it’s largely because stress heightens our insecurities and we innocently project them onto those closest to us.

So many relationships are damaged, abandoned or not fully enjoyed because we are simply not seeing clearly. But when your stresses and worries fall away you will begin to notice your experiences change, enabling you to form closer, genuine and liberating connections with the people you love.

Disabled Facilities

There is no wheelchair access however all rooms are located on the ground floor.

Opening Times and Prices

Our forthcoming retreats dates are:
10th - 11th May 2018
14th - 15th June 2018
5th - 6th July 2018
30th - 31st August 2018

If you would like to book a 1-2-1 Stress-fee Success retreat but are unable to make these dates, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Travel Information

Our retreat centre, Upper Barns, is located in a quiet, rural area along the Essex/Suffolk/Cambs border. We are a 20 minute drive from Braintree train station, which is an hour from London Liverpool Street.

There is plenty of off-street parking available.



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