Secret Spirits, Depression Recovery Retreat

A week long mind/body/soul retreat with a companion or alone

  • Location: Highlands, UK Scotland, Europe
  • Phone: 07791 866534
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What is pushed down in depression is the spirit. Secret Spirits resurrects your spirit. An all inclusive retreat in the stunning Highlands of Scotland with life-changing results. We offer support to develop your spiritual life as well as a retreat in the countryside with yoga and psychotherapeutic support to all. Offered to you and a companion if you wish. We include a free 52 week vital support after the retreat.


Every day starts with a Secret Spirits Soulful Seminar - given by spiritual self help author, Kit Fraser explaining its revolutionary cure for depression by the Power of Prayer and the Fellowship of Man, just like Alcoholics Anonymous. By the end of the week everybody will understand why and how the SOS Spiritual Self Help programme works so they can implement the 40 minute daily spiritual exercise required by the course. The results are immediately uplifting and guarantee a permanent cure by the end of a year. The S in SOS stands for Secret Sprits and O, as in the logo, is heart shaped because love is at the heart of Secret Spirits.


What is being pushed down in depression is not your brain but your spirit. Therefore the cure has to be spiritual. Prayer is contact with God, the original source of spiritual energy. So prayer is the cure for depression. SOS teaches you a daily 40 minute spiritual exercise in real prayer – 30 minutes preparation of reading, writing, articulating, listening, thinking, meditating and finally 10 minutes of Profound Prayer. This magic formula is taken from the writings of the famous hermit and devotional author, Thomas Merton. The other inspiration for SOS is AA. Alcoholics Anonymous succeeds where other therapies fail because its treatment is spiritual. It reforms alcoholics who often suffer depression and addiction, through the Power of Prayer and Fellowship of Man.

Daily Plan

Stage one of Secret Spirits is a seven session soulful seminar demonstrating the power of the programme. Stage Two is SOS meetings – one a week for 52 weeks either free conference Skype calls with Seminar leader and fellow guests or in groups in your home towns. These meetings are modelled on AA meetings. The week includes music, film and nature. Music for joy. Film for inspiration. Nature for peace. Throughout the week guests will go walking by Loch Ness or around the beautiful Reelig Fairy Glen, or be driven to stunning Highland beauty spots.

Yoga, Psycotheraputic pastoral care, Shiatsu massage, Singing tuition

Each day there are opportunities for yoga led in small groups, massage and a psychotherapist session, then a Secret Spirits seminar. Each guest will have an opportunity for at least one massage and one psychotherapist session. Our voice coach will offer small group singing tuition in preparation for the end of week Ceilidh. Throughout the week there will be time for journelling/reading or trips into Inverness or Beauly, or for rest, time to yourself.

Team Profiles

Kit Fraser founder of Secret Spirits, is experienced in conducting the seminars. He is the author of spiritual self help books including The Joy of Talk (Quartet) and How To Be Happy (not easy) A Prayer Book (Quintet). Lailah Nash, is a Shiatsu Therapist (MRSS) with experience in working with addiction, anxiety and depression. Victoria Fraser (MSc, MA) is tri-lingual and a member of the Association of Swiss Psychotherapeuten and the European Association for Body Psychotherapy. Victoria is a psychotherapist in a Zurich psychiatric hospital (Integrierte Psychiatrie Winterthur) and private practice. She has recently introduced Meaning Based Group therapy. Denise Davis is a Zen yoga teacher. Heidi Munro is a performance coach.


Debbie Morren 'This programme has lifted my spirits and I feel more complete since I've been following my 40 minute prayer session every day. I actually can't imagine living life without it now.'
Graeme Mauchlen 'I was in a bad place before I started the SOS course. I found the course amazing. its very informative, fun and has really helped me in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend it.'
Harrison Hayes 'These sessions have provided tools to unlock knowledge and understanding, not only in depression but other area's in my life, from negative to postive.'

Secret Spirits Venue

Eighteenth century Kingillie House has a lot of atmosphere. As a much loved retreat house, its lawns are enclosed by mature trees and surrounded by fields with the magnificent Beauly Firth in the distance. It is south facing. It has a Victorian dining room and a spacious but homely kitchen sitting room with Aga and gas oven/hob. It has a tennis court and croquet lawn.

Opening Times and Prices

Saturday 7 September 5pm to Saturday 14 September, 10am
Saturday 18 April 2020, 5pm to Saturday 25 April 2020, 10am

Travel Information

Inverness is served by an internal Airport and by rail and buses

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