The Barn: personalised individual & couples’ retreats. Healing & growth

Give Yourself Space. 1-3-5 day retreats: relaxed, intensive or intermediate/bespoke.

  • Location: Dumfries and Galloway, UK Scotland, Europe
  • Phone: (+44) 01387 880720
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A place for you to rest and reflect, free from pressure. Be looked after, walk in beautiful countryside, maybe spend time with someone who will listen and help make sense of things that are happening in your life.
Your retreat is tailored to suit you: relaxed, intermediate, or a truly intensive full programme which may include counselling, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, emotional release and healing, developing your thinking skills, and exploring creativity.
Meals are rich, vegetarian or vegan, freshly prepared from ingredients that are organic and locally sourced where possible.
See website for details, and do get in touch!

Relaxed retreat

With the relaxed retreat, you will have space and time to rest, relax and be looked after. You can take walks by the sea or in Mabie forest, which is a short drive from here. You can enjoy our peaceful garden, sit in the sunroom and read, draw or listen to music. In the evenings you may wish to join us for meditation.

Intensive retreat

In this retreat we help you to explore your life, become free of painful past experiences, understand and release emotion, and learn to question unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

Through this process, which includes learning meditation, you will learn to enjoy being in the present moment, with the calmness and clarity that this brings.

Mostly it’s about getting in touch with the fact that your true self is greater than your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and stories, and discovering that you have more choices.

Opening Times and Prices

1) Relaxed retreats: £70/day. Accommodation and all meals. Use of living spaces and garden. You may want to join us for meditation in the evening.
2) Intense retreats: 5 days, £850. This is a more focused retreat. Two 90-minute sessions a day, and a shorter evening session, over a period of 5 days. It includes 2 follow-up sessions by phone or skype.
3) Intermediate retreats: £110-120/day.
4) Couples retreats: 5 nights (£980), 3 nights (£700).

Travel Information

Glasgow – Kirkbean: 90 miles by car (1h45m). Train to Dumfries 1h45m.

Edinburgh – Kirkbean: 90 miles by car (2h15m). Train to Dumfries 3 hours.

Carlisle – Kirkbean: 45 miles by car (1h10m). Train to Dumfries 35 min.

Newcastle – Kirkbean: 100 miles by car (2h10m). Train to Dumfries 2h30m.

London – Kirkbean: 350 miles by car (6h). Train to Dumfries 5h.

Once in Dumfries train station, walk or bus to Loreburne Centre (12m), then bus 372 to Kirkbean (25 min). Track to The Barn is on right side of main road as you come from Dumfries.

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