What are the most commom block to starting or practicing meditation.

1) Don’t have time?

2)My mind is too busy

3)Can’t be bothered to learn as it will take ages

4)Tried before and it is just not for me

5)Think I need to be taught how to but it will cost too much

Hale Carlton, a brainwave expert, has just designed a great meditation programme that will address all the above 5 questions. Hale has also produced sleep programming products. 1)By meditating you will find you have more time in your daily life. 2)Your mind will slow down and become uncluttered. So you will feel more enegized and more productive. 3)Hale’s mediation programme is quick to learn. 4) If when learning meditation, you feel the benefits quickly, you will feel that meditation is for you after all. 5)Having a teacher doesn’t have to be costly.

Create a space in your life for silence

 The Meditation Programme with Hale Carlton.  http://tinyurl.com/cgmv35e