Member FAQ


How do I add last minute dated retreats?

You are able to add retreat events starting within one month, free of charge if you have an annual package (Basic, Premier).
To add a last minute event, go to My Listings in your account and down to New Last Minute Event Listing and click on Create Event to start adding your new listing.
Adding retreat events further than one month away will need to be added as an event from your credits.

Can I create more than one Basic/Premier listing for my retreats?

Yes you can buy an additional listing for £35 each. They will match to size of your primary page and will also have the same expiry date as you primary page. If your primary page is premier listing, additional pages will also be premier size. Likewise if your primary page is a basic listing, then additional pages will also be basic.

How can I copy the information of a retreat that has expired so I can use it for a future retreat?

You can simply paste the information into a document and save it for future listings.

How do I change the location/dates for my event listing?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Once a listing is live on the dates and location are fixed. We can change this for you but there would be a small admin charge.

Can I move my annual package from one location to another?

You can move location when you renew your annual package free of charge. Any changes at other times we will have to do this for you and it will incur a small admin fee.