2021 Year Planning Worshop



A Live Interactive Workshop:
Saturday 16 January, 2021
Time GMT 09.30 to 12.30 (approx)

During this exclusive, live interactive virtual 3-hour workshop, I’ll work with you so you have a ‘paint by numbers’ Game Plan. This is the process that I use with my top coaching clients to help them create a big retreat business vision and a detailed roadmap for exactly how to get there.

This workshop is intended to be easy, clear and unbelievably powerful.

What you get

By the time we finish the 2021 Retreat Business Game Plan workshop, you will have:

  • Complete your very own Retreat Success Road Map For 2021
  • Have direct feedback from me about your unique situation and retreat business, and how to create great goals for you in 2021 that will energise you and keep you on track to win and be successful for the next 12 months
  • I will show you want works and what doesn’t when planning and taking action steps
  • A crystal clear process of exactly what you should do, every week, for the entire year, so your success becomes inevitable!