Retreat At Home

If you are interested in retreating at home or in taking a retreat away from an organised venue, then this section will help you. It features detox recipes for wellbeing, yoga articles and helpful hints on asanas (yoga poses) and lots of info and excerpts from different books which are also available to purchase from our store.

Natural Vision Improvement
with The Janet Goodrich Method Are you ready regain the freedom to read small print, order meals in restaurants, find numbers in the phone book and enjoy a novel without spending half your time searching for your reading glasses?
Coaching – Change your life in your lunch hour
Suzy Greaves, one of the UK’s leading life coaches, challenges you to change your life – right now in your lunch-hour! Start her free 7 day programme now! No excuses, get ready to change your life.
Yoga – An Introduction to Yoga
by Lucy Bremner – Sunflower Retreats Italy
Meditation – Meditation Technique
Silence. Sshhhh…..a quiet mind. It can be so difficult to obtain in today’s world where jobs, errands, demands on our time rarely give us a moment to even enjoy a cup of tea, never mind finding 30 free minutes to do nothing but sit, empty our mind and be silent. Let’s say we do manage to squeeze a 30 minute period out of our day to do with whatever we’d like. The negotiation begins: I should do a workout. I should scrub the shower. The dog needs a walk. Should I start dinner? What about the clothes that need to be folded? Oh, gosh, I’m supposed to call the mechanic.