Coaching – Change your Life in your Lunch Hour

Suzy Greaves, one of the UK’s leading life coaches, challenges you to change your life – right now in your lunch-hour! Start her free 7 day programme now! No excuses, get ready to change your life.

Our mission is to support all those who want to live a life that inspires, fulfils and delights us.
That doesn’t mean that we necessarily have to change career, move to France or downshift or downsize. Making The Big Leap is all about changing the way we think.
If we want to change the way we work and live, we need to start thinking differently. A Big Leap is a radical shift in thinking, which challenges one or more of the assumptions you have previously made about life. Once you’ve made a big leap in thinking, life will never be the same again.

You know you want to change, you know that you can’t go on the way you’ve been going but you’ve just been too busy/life has been too stressful/you simply haven’t had a minute to do anything about it. But something has nagged you once again to log on and try to do something about changing your life. You need to find a way to start somehow, to make some changes but often you just feel overwhelmed.

So here you are, logged on to this page.
Congratulations, you are one baby step away from changing your life.

Taking a baby step
At Big Leap coaching, we believe you don’t have to wait to start changing your life, you can start right now. There doesn’t have to be any delay. But often when we’re making the Big Leap and when we’re about to make changes in our life, the first bit is often the hardest.
The usual pattern is we set ourselves huge unobtainable goals:
‘I’ll lose a stone/find a job and a man in a week’, and unsurprisingly fail to do in a week and prove to ourselves that once again that change is not possible.

Making changes in your lunch hour is about creating baby steps, and taking them one by one. I encourage you to stop looking at the top of the mountain and to keep looking down. When we look at the top of the mountain, we think, ‘god, I’ll never get there’ so you pack up your walking boots and head off home back to the sofa.

However, most of us can manage a baby step. This lunch-time programme invites you to take baby steps every day for the next 7 days.
It’s not about setting goals or motivating you. Ra! Ra! Ra! I’m not that kind of coach. Instead I ask you to create small changes every day for 7 days. The emphasis is on fun and enjoying yourself.

I’m sure you’ve tried motivating yourself before, beaten yourself up for failing and generally forced yourself to make change through will power, only going back to your old ways once the ‘programme/diet/regime is over.

Will power can work but I believe enjoyment and inspiration work better for long-term, sustainable results. And this is what this 7 day programme is all about.

Inspire yourself to change.

Enjoy the process of change.

And take lots of baby steps that allow you to gently step out of your comfort zone without scaring yourself to death.

Are you ready to blast off?
This 7 day programme will challenge you to take baby steps every day. Each exercise can be done in 3-30 minutes.

The One thing that Will Make a Big Difference. Write down one specific thing that will make a massive difference to your life in the next week – extra childcare, a complete hair restyle, a day in bed sleeping? Now take action in the next three minutes that will make this wish a reality. Book the hairdressing appointment, a day off or a babysitter. All change takes place in the present so make a decision and commit to getting what you need right now.

Beware gigantic list writing. Most of us write things to do lists entitled ‘Monday’ when they really should be entitled ‘2006.’ Lists are a great way to make us feel bad about ourselves and all that we’re not achieving. Do a brain dump and write down a massive list of all that you think you have to do. Now put this master list on your pin-board and every day scan the list and write down three things that need to be a priority that day. ONLY THREE! Be specific. Do one action right now.

Act weird! You’ve heard of thinking out of the box? Try acting out of the box. Do everything the opposite of how you usually do it. Tell everyone that they’re right, eat something that you say you can’t stand, wear skin-tight pink leather trousers, walk a different way back from work. Be aware how acting differently makes you and others feel. To create change, you have to ‘do’ differently – what can you ‘do differently’ in the next 10 minutes?

Write a list of 50 things you’re ‘putting up’ with – from bobbly bed sheets to a boss’ snide comments and tackle one or more over every day for the next 50 days. But start now. What one thing that is draining your energy can you eliminate right now?

Create systems. Spend the next half an hour creating a system to make your life run more smoothly. From putting all your bills on to direct debit to having a special box in your hall way where your mobile phone and keys always live. Half an hour a day working ‘on’ your life rather than ‘in’ your life can create spectacular results.

Get some adoration. What three steps can you take in the next three minutes which will allow you to spend time with people who you adore and who adore you? If this means cancelling all the appointments you have with the people who drain you, waste your time and energy – so be it. Basking in negative energy will get you more of the same so hang out with the people who want nothing more than to love you.

Download; print out the free Big Leap The 7 Questions That Got Me The Life I Wanted e-book and start to ask yourself some life changing questions.