The shop has the usual products for sale in a relaxed atmosphere supervised by the voluntary staff. Various topics that they also run courses in include meditation, stress management, self esteem andpositive thinking. But it is downstairs where the space becomes unique as it offers the opportunity to simply sit and to be. The ‘Quiet Room’, as it’s known, with it’s low key lighting and comfortable seats is also used for guided meditation.

Between 1.00p.m and 1.30pm on Wednesday you can leave you shoes and your concerns outside and allow yourself to be transported to a luxuriant forest by the soft voice of your guide.

(“in the forest there’s a lake in which we were encouraged to view our reflections. I saw myself smiling. A smile that has remained, even as I write this.”)

Inner Space is run by Brahma Kumaris, an international organisation founded in India, which for sixty years has offered it’s services to the community free of charge and is funded solely by voluntary donations. Those services are now in the centre of London. If you’re in London don’t bypass the heart.

Neal Street
Covent Garden
London WC2
Tel : 0207 836 6688

By Martin Cassar