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Together in Connection - 5 days of Nature Adventures in the Italian Dolomites

An unforgettable experience full of Connection, Light-Heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic. Healing and Integrating by Communicating and Relating differently in nature.


Theme and Topic:
What we all are most longing for is connection. But how do we go about creating real connection? How do we relate and communicate to bring out the best in the people we are with? How can we support each other to access and liberate our whole potential? The spirit of these questions will be with us during the whole trip to be explored.

What we will do:
We will spend 5 days full of Connection, Light-heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic in the Italian Dolomites and visit the Val di Funes, Le Odle di Funes and Seceda. There will be invitations about how to give life to a new spirit of togetherness. In the mornings we will gather for some activities before we drive to the starting points out in nature.

Directions and Travel

I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg in Germany and along the way to Italy. I can arrange pick up along our path with me or another driver. You will definitely need a rental car or a seat in somebody else's because we need to drive to the starting points every morning.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jun 08 2023 - Jun 12 2023


299 euros

telephone Europe, Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige

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