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6-Day Art, Mindfulness & Energetic Connection in Luxor, Egypt

Join me on a transformational journey of artistic creation, self-discovery, and energetic connection, set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of ancient Egypt at Luxor.

Luxor from the river Nile
Luxor from the river Nile


During this experience at the heart of ancient Egypt, explore your inner and outer landscapes through deep meditation, mantra, insight practices, and the development of artistic skills that will allow you to connect to the energetic nature of this sacred place. Produce beautiful works of art and discover the profound stillness at the centre of your being. This will be a spiritual odyssey like no other.
Take advantage of the optional esoteric empowerment before the retreat that will help you explore your inner core through deep meditation practices. We’ll be working to develop your drawing skills as a mindfulness practice through focused activities and exploring some of the science behind the benefits of art and mindfulness. Explore the sacred sites of Upper Egypt.


The retreat and the retreat venue are accessible to anyone with mobility issues (I have such issues myself and am relying on this), however some of the sites we will visit (Valley of the Kings for instance) will require a certain level of ability to navigate fairly rough terrain unaided. If you are not steady on your feet, this type of environment can be a bit of a challenge. If you're uncertain about whether you can cope with this, send me a message or give me a call. I've lived in Egypt for more than 16 years and have had to navigate these issues myself so can help you from personal experience. If you rely in a walking stick or other aid for walking, you might find it a bit of a challenge on one or two of the excursions. But you will be fine for the main retreat experience.

Eco Practices

Whilst we will personally do what we can to mitigate against environmental damage or contribute to the climate crisis, Egypt as a whole is significantly behind in its efforts to deal with environmental issues. If you wish to go shopping, it might be a good idea to bring with you re-usable bags to put things in otherwise you will be inundated with a preponderance of plastic one-use carrier bags.

Directions and Travel

Luxor International Airport is just 12km away from the retreat location. The cost of the retreat includes airport pickup and return. Luxor city centre is just 3km away from the retreat location and easily accessible by taxi. Taxi fares are very affordable. Trains from Cairo to Luxor take about 10 and a half hours. There are 9 trains per day with a couple of excellent sleeper trains making the trip each week. Train travel is an excellent way of seeing most of Egypt if you're planning on arriving early or staying on after the retreat.

Retreat Features and Activities

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May 02 2024 - May 09 2024


Discount: £1639

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