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Awakening the Sage Within - A Virtual Interactive Wellbeing Workshop

With the opportunity to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives, we have the choice to change the paradigm of ageing. We can age outside the box.


At a Glance
- Explore the riches of the third phase of life
- Connect with a like-minded community of elders
- Inquire and share our personal vision of ageing with awareness

Sage-ing is a model for engaging the elder years more deliberately and compassionately. It can help us to develop a balanced vision for eldering that is fulfilling and beneficial to others. We will introduce concepts like life review, forgiveness work and issues of mortality. These materials are not specific to any religion, but enhance spiritual maturity for persons of any faith, practice, or none.

What Participants Will Gain
- A clearer sense of your way as an elder
- An opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection
- Renewed energy for the coming years

Retreat Features and Activities

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Feb 02 2023 - Feb 23 2023



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