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Nourishing Your Soul Beyond Your Plate Retreat

This 3-day immersive experience blends mindset with nature immersion and practical tools for inspiring healthy choices. A chance to reconnect to yourself in a stunning setting.

Accepts gift vouchers
Accepts gift vouchers


Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of 42 Acres for a transformative retreat focusing on reconnecting with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Feel lighter, inspired, and energised to nurture all aspects of your being way beyond the retreat. Explore the importance of healthy relationships, fulfilling career paths, spiritual practices and physical exercise, plus the importance of eating seasonally and locally. Learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body, make good choices, break unhealthy habits, and shift perspectives during six empowering workshops led by Jules Francis. You will enjoy luxury accommodation, home-grown food, a sauna, sound bath, forest walks, wild swimming, and meditation. BONUS: 2 x 45-minute virtual post-retreat group sessions are included.


Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions regarding your personal circumstances, feel free to get in touch.

Eco Practices

At 42 Acres, their eco-practices are rooted in letting nature thrive through a minimalist food system focused on foraging and agri-wilding. They foster holistic living that cares for both people and the planet. The regenerative, hyper-local food reflects traditions of the past while supporting a sustainable future. With a 'Soil to Gut' approach, they emphasise the connection between soil health and personal well-being. They prioritise locally sourced, home-grown, and wild foraged ingredients to nourish the land and community.
Their 42-Mile vision aims to source 80% of food within a local radius, reducing packaging and promoting fresh, seasonal produce. They strive for a resilient and regenerative food system, putting their ingredients and community at the heart of their menus.

Directions and Travel

The beautiful 173 acre site is nestled in the countryside and is made up of two wellbeing retreat centres which sit on this same land, but each has a separate entrance. The Beyond Food Immersive Retreat will be in The Hermitage. The venue address is 42 Acres, Holt Road, Witham Friary, Frome, BA11 5HL but, it's best not to use this postcode because it'll take you in between the 2 entrances. Please search "42 Acres" or "The Hermitage" instead. By far the best way to find 42 Acres is using the free What3words app. It gives very precise locations and works with most SatNav apps. Search metals.hazel.noon within the What3Words app. Keep following the main track, through the gates and over the small bridge until you reach the main courtyard and car park.

Retreat Features and Activities

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