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Breathe Into Life - Breathwork Retreat

A 5 day deep dive into the world of Breathwork - Suzanne and Phil guide you through an extraordinary program of Breathwork in a luxury eco-retreat centre in Northern NSW


Are you looking for personal clarity and deep healing that has so far eluded you? Maybe you have tried some Breathwork and haven’t yet gone beyond an online seminar or a weekend retreat. Breathwork could just be the one thing that kick starts you back into a purposeful life. You can’t be a great Breathwork practitioner until you have journeyed deep yourself and this is the promise Breathe Into Life offers.

We will examine how we perceive our world and our place in it through the prism of the breath. By being conscious of how we breathe and deliberately altering the pace and depth of our breath, we change our awareness.

Directions and Travel

Gymea Retreat is snuggled into a rainforest setting in far northern NSW, about 40 min from Gold Coast Airport. Driving time from Sydney is 9 hours driving time. Driving time from Brisbane is 2 hours driving time.

Retreat Features and Activities

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