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Healing Journey - The Power of Connection & Nature | Cinque Terre | Italy

Dive deep into your Feelings, Emotions, Beliefs and Conditioning to reconnect with your Body, True Nature & Inner Guidance. Be alive again, stop functioning and start living!


We will spend 6 days full of Connection, Light-heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic. We will be walking in beautiful spots in nature, do different kinds of activities to make sure that all the participants in the group have got to know each other and that there is trust and comfort so that the whole event can become a life changing experience. We will practice how to communicate and meet the vulnerability, honesty and openness of the others with understanding, humility, curiosity and compassion so that everybody can feel safe and sure that the groups reactions are helpful and supportive. There will be spaces for vulnerability, honesty and challenges to leave our comfort zone but all activities are voluntary and everybody is invited to care for themselves.

Directions and Travel

We will meet at the camping site. If you'd like to join my car in Germany please get in touch to check the possibilities. Everybody needs a spot in a car to get to the Cinque Terre villages from the camping site after the activities.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Mar 28 2024 - Apr 02 2024


569 euros

telephone Europe, Italy, Tuscany

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