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Craft & initiate your own Shamanic drum honoring mother nature in France

Work with both your hands and your heart to craft from the raw materials in nature your own shamanic drum and beater. Learn to connect deeply with the spirit Ali of the drum


In this approach to the creation and birthing of your own unique drum we will work with both crafting practices and shamanic spiritual/ceremonial practices learning how to work with your drum in your life through specific ancient ways and techniques that honor both animal and earth.

Types of wood and skins offered to you for your drum frames and beaters: Hazel, Cedar, Oak, Ash, Beech. Horse, Bison, Fallow Deer, Goat, Tiger Shark, Red Deer, Roe Deer.

All our materials are ethically sourced in connection with nature without cruelty to animals. The animals are NOT killed for their skins, rather their skins have been gathered after death in order to alleviate any waste and honor the animal


We have some limited wheelchair access and also bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor. Please email us to discuss your specific requirements.

Eco Practices

Home grown food
We are moving every year to becoming more and more sustainable
We honor earth in everything we do

Directions and Travel

GETTING HERE Our nearest airports are Bordeaux and Bergerac Airports Arriving By Train: many flights come into Paris and there is a fast train from Paris ( 1.5hrs) to Bordeaux St Jean train station. If you are arriving by train then you will need to get to a station called La Reole. SolHenge is 15 mins by car from this train station Train from Bordeaux Airport There is a direct bus to the train station right at the Terminal building, it runs every 30 mins and costs 10 euros. If you are arriving at Bergerac Airport there is no train station near so you are limited to be collected either by ourselves) or by local taxi. The drive is approx 50 minutes. We can organize your collection from airports or train stations with an additional cost

Retreat Features and Activities

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