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Decolonizing Wellness Eco-Luxury Retreat

Learn to calm your nervous system and build your resilience in paradise


Through meditation, embodiment work, and group coaching during this retreat will learn to connect to your body for guidance and support, regulate your nervous system so you can tap into peace at will, and create rituals that ground and connect you to ancestral wisdom.
Heal the damage that chronic stress (sparked by microaggressions and systemic oppression) has caused your body and return home the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.
During this transformational week, you'll learn to observe what safety and rest feel like in your body so that you can call on these stored memories whenever the going gets rough back home.
Join us for a life-changing adventure!

Eco Practices

For a modern travel accommodation, being a true eco hotel involves much more than the obvious energy saving measures, or having non-smoking rooms. Here’s a taste of how we provide genuine eco accommodations:

Environmentally friendly towel and sheet re-use program
Volatile organic compound (VOC)-free cotton towels and sheets – for better air quality and to provide the luxury feel…
Allergy awareness when choosing furnishings and cleaning materials
Rainwater harvesting system
Bulk dispensers for soap and other consumables – reduces wasteful packaging
Hotel recycling bins make recycling easy and convenient
Solar charging stations for electronics
Organic permaculture garden and compost systems

Directions and Travel

Airport transfers from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport are included

Retreat Features and Activities

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Mar 19 2023 - Mar 25 2023



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