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Family retreat in Fayoum Oasis - Egypt

Enjoy a memorable stay in a beautiful house of the Egyptian oasis of Fayoum combined with a two-day trip in the Lybian desert with all your family members!

Fayoum Oasis
Fayoum Oasis


A week of adventures, between an incredible trip in the desert seeking prehistoric whales fossiles and sleeping under the milky way, and a stay in a wonderful house at the heart of the Fayoum Oasis. Plenty of educational activities for adults and children in an agrilodge, daily yoga and meditation for all the family with separate classes and plenty of time to relax, play and explore !
With a half board included (and a full board during the desert trip), you will get a delicious and authentic taste of what Egypt can offer on the table!
Join us on this very special retreat where we will combine spirituality with body movement, adventures and an authentic cultural immersion!


Three of the six bedrooms available at the guesthouse are on the main floor and accessible to disabled people or people with a reduced mobility.

Eco Practices

Dar Bul Bul Guesthouse management works on sourcing all the products used for the breakfast and dinner preparation locally. We will also minimize our impact on the environment on using mostly our feet to during the week (at the exception of the two days desert trip).

Directions and Travel

Dar Bul Bul Guesthouse is located in Tunis Village, in the Fayoum Oasis, at a 2h drive of Cairo. When coming from abroad, it is preferable to land in Cairo Airport. A transfer can be organised by the guesthouse upon request.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Dec 14 2024 - Dec 21 2024


750€ - 1100€

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