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Gavdos retreat - yoga, hike & relaxation

Experience nature in its wildest form, yoga and relaxation on the southernest island of Europe. 5 days of disconnection and adventure in a place that look like no other!

Gavdos retreat
Gavdos retreat


The tiny island of Gavdos, in south Crete, is one of the region’s best-kept gems, unique for several reasons.
Gavdos will give you a foretaste of Africa - it is located closer to Lybia than Athens. Gavdos is 9 km long and 4.5 km wide: it’s easy to explore it in a few days.. Its natural landscape is made of small shrubs, pines, and junipers and its central Mediterranean position makes the place an ideal stop for birds migrating between Africa and Europe.
This magic place is ideal for hiking, relaxing and practicing yoga and meditation in its purest form - connected to Mother Nature. Let yourself embark on a journey with a Cretan Yoga Teacher who'll show you the most beautiful corners of this piece of land!


Gavdos and the retreat concept in itself are not particularly suitable for people with physical impairment or injuries due to the physical daily activities and island facilities.

Eco Practices

We will focus during our stay on having the minimum impact possible on the environment. We will look after the waste we produce, try to minimize the purchase of goods with packaging and look after our water consumption. For our meals, we will work with authentic and local adresses who source their products locally.

Directions and Travel

The island of Gavdos is administratively a part of the island of Crete and is reachable by ferry from the southwestern Cretan harbour of Hora Sfakion. The two way ferry cruise is included in the retreat package. To come to Crete, you may fly to Hania airport that offers international direct flights from all Europe until beginning of November. Drive from Hania airport to Hora Sfakion: 1h30. We can organise the transfer for you with an extra cost of 50€. Possibility to travel by bus (first leg 20' from Hania Airport to Hania bus station - second leg 1h40 from Hania bus station to Hora Sfakion). If you are coming from Greece mainland, possibility to get on a ferry from Piraeus port to Hania. Daily departures at 21h, arrival at 7h in Hania. Contact us for more details!

Retreat Features and Activities

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Oct 12 2024 - Oct 17 2024


350€- 515€

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