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Glow Up Experience

Mind, Body, Spirit Activation to Restore Your Wholeness and Return You to Flow


Are you ready to unplug from your daily grind, slow down and listen for your deepest inner calling? How could a transformative experience serve you to create your next chapter with more ease, peace, fulfillment and love? The Glow Up Experience might be your answer.
You’ll unhook from the outer world, slow down and tune deeply within yourself, as you explore what’s been working in your life and what has instead stolen your glow, dulling your shine. You’ll have experiences that support you to know and express your Divine wholeness as an integrated spiritual:human person as you are transported into deeper connection to your Higher Self.

Directions and Travel

YOBABA LOUNGE Chalabre, Aude, France Nearest airports: Toulouse, Carcassonne Nearest train station: Limoux

Retreat Features and Activities

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May 29 2023 - Jun 04 2023



telephone Europe, France, Occitanie

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