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Healing Journey - The Power of Connection & Nature | 4 Lakes | France

A Magical Journey to our best Self and a fulfilling Life. Experiencing Nature, Connection, Trust & Belonging. Inspiring. Touching. Heart-opening. Transformative. Healing


Together we will create a safe space where connection, trust and a sense of belonging is our highest aim. Like that our nervous system can calm down and access all its healing potential and important parts of our personality can be set free. Hidden gifts and talents that are essential to walking our very own path and living a purposeful life.

In a safe space and good company we will embark on a journey what leads us into a joyful life. We will spend time walking in nature in and around the 4 lakes and Sentier des Roches and also do a lot of activities on site.

Silence and introspection will alternate with moments of great togetherness. We will dive into a new way of communication that creates space for each of us to become our best self and connect with our potential.

Directions and Travel

We will meet at the camping site. If you'd like to join my car in Germany please get in touch to check the possibilities. Everybody needs a spot in a car to get to the locations out in nature.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jul 18 2024 - Jul 23 2024



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