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Iboga Ceremony

Rooted Waters offers Iboga ceremonial therapy. Our ceremonies are very intimate, weaving traditional practices with modern therapeutic practices and are infused deep compassion


Rooted Waters is a beautiful Iboga ceremonial centre based on Salt spring island on a pristine 5 acre land surrounded by nature.

With more than 12 years of experience working with Iboga both in a traditional setting and modern setting as well as experience in Art therapy, Addiction recovery coaching, bodywork, breathwork, Bufo facilitation and Storytelling, our ceremonies are vibrant and alive.

Everything we do is steeped in love, compassion, care, creativity and prayer.
Iboga ceremonies are a powerful way to shift one's life and find Healing through understanding our the roots of our constructs. Exploring our ancestral trauma and personal trauma to discover it's gifts and root ourselves deeply into the creative heart becoming whole once again, embraced by Life and Nature.

Eco Practices

Our medicine is from very old trees sustainably harvest through specific practices which do not keel the plant.
All of the money stays within the local community to support the survival and growth of the tradition and indigenous peoples and their culture.
We give back to African indigenous groups as well as local Canadian indigenous peoples to protect their culture and reclaim rights.

Retreat Features and Activities

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