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Pure Presence: A Retreat with Clive Tempest

Sitting in Stillness - Moving with Chigung - Listening - Seeing - Inspiration and Insights - Purpose and Presence - Good Company - Good Food - Fresh Sea Air


It's such a complicated world! There's so much uncertainty about what's coming. It's become normal to be stressed and anxious. Wouldn't you say our way of life has run its course? It's time for change. But what must change? And how? What takes over from the old? The new. What gets rid of the past? The present. So we must know our presence, which is always new. When old beliefs are questioned, new knowledge comes. When we join a retreat with Clive Tempest he shows us the exit door and walks us through it to a new place - where there's more inner space, more energy, more awareness, more purpose. He uses chigung to add the energy and he talks about the bigger picture of our lives to change our perception. To change ourselves we must purify our presence and cleanse it of the complicated world.


We can offer one room with facilities for the disabled.

Directions and Travel

Our venue is Florence House on the edge of the seaside town of Seaford in West Sussex, UK. There is a railway station in Seaford and the train journey from London Victoria (change at Lewes) takes about an hour and a half. Seaford is easily reached by road (A23/A27). The journey from Heathrow takes two hours by taxi and from Gatwick it's about an hour.

Retreat Features and Activities

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