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Restore Self Love - 3 Day Transformational Therapy Retreat

Therapy | Yoga | Nourishment A 3 day retreat designed and led by expert psychotherapists. Set in a luxury converted barn in the Cambridgeshire countryside.


Experience a restorative getaway with our exclusive 3 day, 2 night accommodation package, offering a stay in a luxury double room complete with en suite.
You will be immersed in twice daily therapeutic workshops led by our psychotherapists who have thoughtfully designed this retreat to guide you through your healing journey.
With our therapeutic techniques, you will learn how to free yourself of anxiety, treat yourself with loving compassion, have fulfilling relationships with others and feel a sense of true calm.
Daily yoga sessions and soothing yoga nidra practice to soothe your nervous system, giving your body the opportunity to experience what true peace feels like.

You can spend your free time relaxing in the outdoor heated pool and hot tub, overlooking the Cambridgeshire Fens.


Please contact us for any accessibility requirements and we will work on accommodating your needs.

Eco Practices

Incorporating eco-friendly practices into an our wellness retreat not only aligns with the principles of holistic health but also promotes sustainability. We source all our food produce from local sources and consciously pick eco friendly materials for each workshops.

Directions and Travel

Please contact us for travel details.

Retreat Features and Activities

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