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Retire Happily

Are you about to retire - or maybe are 'being retired? You've been this person for so long - now what? Time to discover what will make your retirement feel good - and enjoyable!


Retirement can be daunting - but it can also be an exciting new phase in life. This individual or couples retreat will give you the time to discover what you want to take into your retirement with you - and what you are ready to leave behind. Stepping away from your everyday life and see yourself in a new perspective can really help you create a retirement that will be full of meaning, fulfilment and fun!

One of the first questions you’ve been asked when you have met someone new is “what do you do?”. It has been a big part of your identity and now it is going – so who are you? There are four stages of retirement – vacation, feeling loss and lost, trial and error to find something meaningful and then reinventing life - let's skip phase two and three and go straight to phase four!


There is no wheelchair access at the venue.

Eco Practices

As far as possible all food is locally sourced and waste is recycled.

Directions and Travel

You can arrive at Malaga or Granada airport or train station. All transport is included in the retreat. It is a 2.15 hour journey from Malaga and a 1.5 hour journey from Granada to the venue.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jul 27 2024 - Jul 30 2024


From €3960

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