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Revival - A retreat for men

A re-awakening, a re-membering and a re-imagining of a man’s wholeness and completeness - of his innate fulfilled self.


You will engage in a dynamic, embodied and personal journey to wholeness in and around the hills and beaches of Corfu, Greece.
REVIVAL includes:
+ Daily workshop to connect and live from your innate wholeness
+ Practical tools and exercises for mindfulness and embodiment
+ Exploring and engaging the Four Masculine Archetypes
+ Yoga, Kung Fu and other morning movement practices
+ Drumming, Music and other forms of evening expression
+ Hikes and exploration of the Greek countryside
Afternoons are left free so you can relax, swim in the crystal clear sea, socialize and then come together in the evening to enjoy sponsored activities and build deeper connections.
Revive your true essence as a man in an engaging, supportive and facilitated environment.


If you have accessibility concerns or issues, please contact the organisers. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs so that you can fully participate in the event.

Eco Practices

Unlimited drinking water is provided free of charge at the venue. To reduce single-use plastic, PLEASE bring your own bottle, buying one locally or a glass bottle in one of the supermarkets. Arillas is the home of significantly alternative community who are interested in sustainability and regeneration. Many of the shops offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and diary free alternatives. An alliance of local businesses work hard to restrict high-rise development and keep the resort in local hands. The Recycling Centre is one of the best managed on the island and is a great source of second hand clothes, books, furniture and a menagerie of curios.

Directions and Travel

There are direct flights to Corfu International Airport from many UK and European airports. Travel must be booked from the airport to the environs of Arillas, a thriving costal community in the northwest of the all-year green island of Corfu, Greece. Options include taxi, shuttle, car rental and local bus.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Sep 22 2024 - Sep 28 2024


£555 til 31 Jul

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