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Rewriting Your Story with Ged Smith

Where do our stories come from? Challenge the narratives written as a response to trauma and create new. Week 1 - Rewrite your story, week 2 - Find the Balance


We live life as a series of stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, but most of these stories did not originate with us. We all have an inner dialogue going on, telling us who we are and for so many of us it is harsh, critical and accusatory. Over many years we come to believe this story and eventually it is as if this defines who we are. Imagine if you could find new and powerful ways to challenge this inner voice, to quieten the critical judge and instead give more volume to the ally within, the strong and understanding voice who has our best interests at heart.

Eco Practices

Skyros provides holistic holidays which emphasize being rather than having, doing rather than consuming and cooperating rather than competing. We are committed to an eco-friendly future and support solar heating and recycling, including our shower water. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and use refill stations throughout the site. Skyros encourages responsible integration with the local communities including the teaching of local history, culture and language and sponsorship of local events and organisations. Skyros uses locally owned and maintained facilities with policies in place that favour local produce and services and locals are employed wherever possible.

Directions and Travel

Fly to Athens then take the Aegean Air domestic flight to Skyros. If the domestic flight is sold out overland transfers will be offered.

Retreat Features and Activities

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