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Self-Care Reset Retreat in Greece

Make yourself #1 priority by joining us for an unforgettable and exhilarating week in Greece! Reset your mind, body and soul with ease with our fun and transformational itinerary!


When is the last time YOU did something truly for you?! If it’s been a while… THEN you need to stop what you’re doing right now and sign up for my SELF-CARE RESET RETREAT IN GREECE!  Life will always keep going, but if you’re not taking care of you there will be a time and place where you won’t be able to keep up anyway! Yes, your job counts on you, your kids count on you & your customers count on you…But they can’t count on you when you’re not operating FULLY AS YOU!  If you’re not rested, connected and aligned with your truth, then you’re not giving others the BEST OF YOU!  It’s TIME TO STEP OUT of your current reality and jump into life-changing transformation to shine your most AUTHENTIC TRUTH!

Directions and Travel

Athens International airport has the most flight options. There are other airports near Volos including: Nea Anchialos Airport (closest): Only Operates in the summer with limited flights. Skiathos Airport: On an island and requires ferry transfer to Volos. Thessaloniki: 129.4 KM If you’re coming from the USA you will most likely have to fly into Athens first then to Volos. Airport Transportation cost is not included and will be an extra cost. There are multiple options available: From Athens it is a 3.5 scenic drive to the mountains. From Volos its about a 38 min. Private Group Transfer from Athens (€130 roundtrip-10+ ppl), Private Taxi (from Athens €350-400 one way. From Volos €35 one way), Local Bus from Athens or Thessaloniki (€28 estimated one way). Contact me for assistance!

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jul 21 2023 - Jul 28 2023



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