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Reclaim Your Wholeness: A Path to Authentic Connection Shadow Work® Retreat

A luxury setting Shadow Work® personal development weekend, allowing you to delve into the hidden parts of your psyche, uncovering and embracing your shadow side.


£650 early bird by 18th April 2024

This retreat is about recognising and reclaiming the disowned parts of yourself, including those patterns, emotions, and talents that have remained under the radar in your life. In doing so, you unlock the full spectrum of your emotional landscape, transforming challenges like anger, grief, and fear into power, deep connection, and insightful understanding.
The retreat offers a blend of group exercises, visualisations, and individual processes. Whether you're seeking to shift old behavioural patterns, enhance your relationships, or simply deepen your self-understanding, our Shadow Work Retreats provides the tools and support to catalyse change.


The venue strives to offer the best possible standards of customer care to each guest, no matter what their needs might be. The main part of the building dates back to the 1800’s, yet they have tried wherever possible to be wheelchair accessible. There is lift access to most of the floors, but the lift is not large enough for a wheelchair.
If you have questions or would like to discuss your specific needs then do get in touch with us.

Eco Practices

While the menus are influenced by cultures from around the world, the ethos of the venue is to support local trade. They try to source all their ingredients locally and concentrate on seasonal produce to ensure they create hearty and healthy meals.

Directions and Travel

The closest station is Lincoln Station (10 min drive from The Vedanta), which is approximately under 2hrs journey from Kings Cross and 2.5hrs from Birmingham New Street. Car: The venue is easy to get to by car and there is free parking on-site for 45 cars.

Retreat Features and Activities

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