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Soothing Childhood Abandonment Retreat

Based in Goa, India at the Samsara Garden Resort, 10 minutes walk from stunning Ashvem beach.



This immersive retreat will be a beautiful hand held experience for those who have not been to mother India before. It will offer a total rejuvenation for your mind body and soul.
We will be focusing on the abandonment wound and how that affects all of our relationships, especially with ourselves. We will be exploring how we develop co-dependency as a result to cover up this wound and how these self defeating patterns ravage our ability to love and have healthy relationships.
This experience will give you a real understanding of why we are this way, what we can do to change to make our relationship story healthier, unpacking all aspects of this journey.
During the retreat, we will embark on a journey of healing and therapeutic workshops together.

Eco Practices

The cabins are built with natural materials and equipped with wooden furniture from Rajasthan. Each hut has its own magic - and additionally to that also a bathroom with shower and a terrace. Hot running water is available and heated by our solar plant. The surrounding tropical forest creates an out-of-this-world relaxing atmosphere, sunlight breaking through the leafs of old mango and cashew trees, which spend a welcoming shade during the midday heat. Luxury for us means having everything you need, being surrounded by beautiful nature - not missing the unnecessary things you know from home.

Directions and Travel

Overnight flight available via Tui to Manohar International Airport, Goa from Gatwick airport, UK on Saturday 16th November. We arrange a pick up at the airport and then it is a 50 minute drive to the venue where you will settle in ready to start the retreat the evening of the 17th November. Support given with booking flights and booking visas for the trip. Full travel insurance recommended. During the retreat there will be a couple of 'down' days where you can be guided to be shown the local areas and restaurants, beaches and markets.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Nov 17 2024 - Nov 27 2024



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